07 Jun 1997

/*this copy of the minutes is mainly for frogfarm, who belived that helping homeless horses was a greater duty than helping us devise stratagies. I leave it as an experiment to the reader to pass judgement */ </p><p> Mr. Wright - he is blowing us off. Dr. Trenary has been calling him and so has steve, to no avail, apparently he is on vacation, a vacation of heretofor unprecedented length(sic). So, we are going to go on the offensive. Jay is going to be calling channel 3 to see about some coverage. Tim and Steve are going to visit the ombudsman to discuss this matter, along with the fact that our cclub accounts have been deep-sixed because of some harmless software that was running, and, once again, have not recieved any notification as to WHY it happened. </p><p> Course packs - We are definitely going to be finding out about offering course packs for classes, increasing our revenues. Darren will be contacting professors, starting with Dr. Kaminski, to find out if they are receptive. </p>