20 Nov 1997

November 20th </p><p> Steve: I think we should put a sign on the door that says “Visit us at: yakko.cs.wmich.edu”. We’re not linked from anywhere else right now. </p><p> Tim: We have a link to us at Yahoo. Office of Student Life also. </p><p> Steve: It should be better publicized…big banner, the sign that Dennis made (at least 6” tall). </p><p> Steve: Coursepack idea is going through, the prof is very excited. He’ll give me a master copy at the end of December, we’ll take it to a place to do mass copies. No binding necessary, just photocopy front and back and 3-hole punch. There’s about 500 pages in a pack… </p><p> Tim: Quite unwieldy. Need a way to hold them… </p><p> Steve: He doesn’t want them stapled or bound, so shrinkwrap or newspaper plastic would be a possibility. </p><p> Tim: Ozz has connections to a copy machine, for a negotiable percentage. </p><p> Steve: When he gives me the master, he’ll let us know how many copies he needs. 53.86 per copy at the copy desk, works out to about 12 cents a page. I’m sure we can get a much better rate than that, sell them for 40 or 45. 5 cents per page, 20 bucks to produce a copy. Lower cost for students, club makes money, everyone benefits. Doing this well will cement our reputation to do more in the future… </p><p> Again, I would like everyone’s availability for the first three weeks of the semester in order to fill office hours Monday through Friday, 9 to 5. If you want to hold hours but don’t have a key, ask a keyholder who may be able to work in conjunction with you. I’d like a rotating key between a group rather than have an existing keyholder give theirs up. How many spares do we have? The secretary’s office in Friedmann should have one. </p><p> Moving right along </p><p> Darron and Tim upgraded Yakko to Redhat 4.2 to protect from the latest and greatest system holes. Linux and Windows NT are the only OS’s with patches against teardrop attacks… (now we can work on important things like getting the sound working again :) </p><p> More volunteers are still needed for the CS webpage project! I’d like to have it as done as possible by Christmas break, and most of our current volunteers are on and off…non-club members are welcome. </p><p> Now the real fun! Yesterday I had a very disruptive email from Chris Rand at Netlink, saying that Chris Michaels was called to “fix” some links on Yakko.com to stop pointing to Yakko.edu. I was aware that Jay’s page was the only one doing that, and let it happen because Jay has a paragraph of text on Yakko.edu. Dr. Wright or one of his underlings saw this, called Nelson, Nelson called Trenary and Trenary called Netlink. So we poked around and found that Wright seemed to be snooping in about every orifice on the website. He’d been everywhere, some places more than once (SX). A few other folks in UCC were also doing this. So Tim and I coded hosts.deny to refuse connections from Wright’s machine, administrative machines in UCC etc., all get a “403 Forbidden”. So now he has to go to some neutral terminal to see the webpage. </p><p> Tim: We have people (speak of the devil!) who worry that this may seem to be an escalation to make Wright’s blood pressure rise, especially when things seem to be going our way… </p><p> Steve: I mailed Trenary just to let him know what was going on… I said well, Wright’s been hitting everything in our site and I think it’s just too much bandwidth… we can’t afford to waste any University bandwidth on this sort of thing, after all. This isn’t vindictive, it’s just to let him know we know you know. If he raises a fuss we can and will undo it, but I did not appreciate the idea of our not being contacted directly. </p><p> Darren: Tim was saying tit for tat, and I do feel this retribution streak, like it’s a game. I know if I were sitting over there and looking at the Clb webpages and suddenly couldn’t, I’d know something was up. Jay, Tim and myself have pages up… </p><p> Tim: I took mine down. </p><p> Steve: Same thing with our CS project, you have to know the address because it isn’t linked from anywhere. I don’t think they’re worried about anything other than the fact that we might be hosting student pages. Nothing was specifically mentioned, Chris Michaels removed Jay’s link to Yakko.edu, all other links there point to themselves at Yakko.com. I see it as UCC looking so hard for something to hit us with that they could have our plug pulled on Yakko, they never got in touch with myself or Tim… They apparently didn’t know that *I am in charge of Yakko.com, not Chris Michaels, a third party who has graciously donated equipment and time to the Club and our purpose. It was only by chance that I found out about this, and they could have done anything and I would have found out after the fact. It felt like a slap in the face that they did not bring their concerns to the club first. I need to talk to Don Nelson and find out who brought the complaint in the first place, and we will deal with the matter appropriately. And there’s no policy that says we have to make our web page available… </p><p> Darren: And as always, if they felt like it they could trot in here and reboot and do whatever they like. </p><p> Steve: Paul Igniacco and the Office of Student Life have to see our page, that’s still the only “approval” we have to undergo. In any case, if I had been contacted, I would have dealt with the matter. And we shall see what response this draws, and perhaps it will give us a little insight into who is working at cross purposes with us, and what their motivation is…and keep a close eye on the access logs over the next few days. </p><p> Quake Server is still Go. More as it develops. We may have to limit the number of players…Netlink will get theirs up within the next week. </p><p> New 486, 120Mb hard drive, just needs a monitor and it’s ready to go… we still have two other 486 boards to test out. </p><p> Treasurer’s report: 68 bucks last week, 49 this week. Sales going down due to lack of product, no doubt! Shopping trip tomorrow. </p><p> No further business, adjourned 6:50. Thanks for being. No meeting next week due to Thanksgiving holidays… </p><p> </p>