04 Dec 1997

CCLUB meeting 12/04/1997 </p><p> Members present: Tim Miley, Steve Sedore, James Nelli, Dennis Huppertz, Darron Christian, Wesley Leonard, Kelly Weaver, Ian Schirado, Kim Mack. </p><p> 1) Steve talked to herald about article councerning our recent brouhaha about the whole incident involving Wright and get any progress on the web issue and the recent snooping. Dr. Trenary set up meeting with Dr. W. and at the last minute, he cancelled. Dr. T and Steve were annoyed. Email exchanges occurred recently claiming that “students think they have a god given right…” and pungent quotes from Dr. W and other misc. stupid comments. Steve Told Herald that Dr W has been unwilling to work with us or talk to us. Dr. T has also been snubbed, all meetings cancelled. Whole mood of article is Wright’s unwillingness to meet and discuss issue. No one should be happy about his attitude. Dr W claims he was quietly working behind the scenes to help set up web issues. Steve wants to hear what Dr W tells Emily from Herald. Emily was very responsive and interested in the situation. </p><p> Tim: have you run any of this by Trenary. </p><p> Steve: yes. He inspired the Herald to get in touch…he was pissed at being snubbed by Dr. W. It’s probably good that he didn’t talk to Herald… </p><p> We were now informed that all correspondence with the U is to go through the Office of Student Life (Paul Iagnocco). Problems that people have with the club will now go through Paul. </p><p> Tim: I wonder if somebody flamed his tail over this incident. </p><p> Steve: He’s just sick of dealing with the club and realized…the club is an org and Paul is in charge of the orgs. Paul is a really good guy, so we shouldn’t have a problem anymore. </p><p> 2) Wed, we will get vax stations…sort of cheers all around We have a table in the lab (unassembled) that we can use to put the table together… Anyone ambitious enough should put it next to pop fridge. Help would be appreciated. Want to remain out of network until licensing issue taken care of. Then we can attach to Internet. Be afraid, be very afraid! Wayne says to call if we get stuck during administration. </p><p> 3) Next week’s meeting is last meeting this year! </p><p> 4) Tim and Steve grabbed books that look interesting and shoveled onto shelf. Anything in box is fair game and anyone can take them. Ian suggests donating remainder to KPL booksale. </p><p> 5) Speaker: Bob Curtis of Microsoft will be visiting us next semester, courtesy of Microsoft. Declan McCullagh will be visiting next semester as well. He is one of the most vocal anti-censorship advocates. We got most, not all, of the funding we need, so Tim requests $400 for the remainder of the plane ticket, housing, food for speakers, advertising, etc. This is a major expenditure. </p><p> VOTE by next week! </p><p> 6) Coursepacks: steve needs advice on where to get coursepacks printed. The coursepack thing is going great guns. Jay originally suggested this and might know of some one who can do it pretty cheap. It is to be a double sided 250 page coursepack of text and hole-punched. Fourty copies of the course pack required…needed in a week’s time. </p><p> 7) Treasurer: $38 in last two weeks…we now have food. </p><p> Kim: When do we get pop? </p><p> Steve: I’ll get coke this weekend. </p><p> 8) Crash: Aieee! Yakko crashed spectacularly! We don’t know why. Tim disabled lpd on suspicion that it was involved. We don’t have a printer anyway. </p><p> Announcements: Ian: RedHat 5.0 is out. </p><p> 9) Meeting adjourned 6:55 </p>