11 Dec 1997

Computer Club Meeting Dec 11, 1997 Last meeting of the year

Present: Wesley Leonard, Tim Miley, Steve Sedore, Isaac Rzonca, Darron Christian, Randee Goodwin.

1) Coursepacks are going well. Emailed piat and told him we're ready to go. Talked to office max copy desk. $.025 per image. How much can we charge? We desperately need office hours! All officers will need to report.

Email steve. Other people needed for 9-5 coverage. $500 for 40 coursepacks is cclub costs. $12.50 per pack our costs.

Tim: let's undercut the Copy Desk.

Steve: absolutely. I was thinking around $40 or so. No lower than $35. We'll have to decide how much we're selling for.

Discussion brought us to $40. Agreements all around.

Good money with big plans for the club.

2) Vaxstations are not here due to weather problems and prior committments. Postponed to next Friday. We will get them and we still need a table set up. Table is down hall in the CS lab. Please help.

3) Ozz has a switch for us for dot/wakko so we can have one terminal for both. Cost $15 for the switch and a few dollars for cables.

Discussion came up about the muds, but went nowhere.

4) Quake is now running on Wiley. It's been stable, running all week long. You need quakeworld software to run it. This thing is a bandwidth hog, the more Ken is going to notice. Ken already reported bandwidth problems for September. Possible use of cron timer to control access. Address: wiley.cs.wmich.edu. Port 27500 is fortress game. Fragfest game may appear later at port 27501, but not now.

5) Email message from AOL person who is snickers all around trying to develop a web page for business. Pay is involved. No specs. Telephone/email numbers. Must be done before Jan 1st. If someone is interested in Christmas money, email steve. Wesley expressed interest in the project.

6) Last item: Speakers. Last week, we wanted to think about this. Vote: 4 yes, 0 no. Money is authorized. $400 for speakers. Room for lectures needed. Steve suggested Knauss hall. Another possibility is Fetzer Center. Tim will try for something big.

7) General announcements:

Possible line on a new machine from Wesley.

8) Meeting ends: 7:01 PM.