08 Jan 1998

January 8th, 1998 </p><p> Present: Steve, Dennis, Tim, Darren, Darron, Ian, Paul </p><p> 6:10pm. we’re off! </p><p> Steve: While I have most all the keyholders here, whoever has not yet gotten back to me about holding office hours should now do so. We’ve got 10-4 covered with three people, we would love more, so please mail me your availabilities ASAP. The assembled coursepacks are here in the office. I made 40 total, we’ve sold 11 or 12 so far. When we’re down to one box, let me know and I’ll see how many more we’ll need – Pietkowski said he had 47 students registered. As of now we have almost paid for the copies. All monies received, cash or check, go in their own envelope separate from the normal cash box, which Dennis will be depositing every day or two. Make change from the envelope if possible, if not, please note discrepancies. Coursepacks are 40 bucks. Pietkowski is very much in favor of doing this with us again…BUT… </p><p> There were some problems getting the pack copied at CopyMax. We went through and fixed everything we could. A few pages are still not quite right – if someone brings in a bad one, exchange it for a good one and give me the bad copy. About three or four were sold before the problems were fixed – some pages out of order, printed backwards, etc. Also, one section was duplicated and thrown into the middle of everything…which is double sided and we can’t even use it for scrap paper. At least we didn’t pay for their mistakes! We should look into another source for next time. </p><p> Next: Food and pop! We’re almost out of pop entirely. Shopping trip must be made this week. Sam’s Club if pop’s on sale, can be gotten same time as the food. Lots of stuff has been sold just this week since the semester started and we should stock up. Juice and diet pop for sure, and a small amount of bottled water to see how that sells. </p><p> The far wall is getting boring. All those pop/candy things, etc., should be taken down by whoever has the time and inclination, and fresh posters and such can be put up to cover the ugly orange wall. </p><p> VAXStations: The machines are in the office, I have coax in my car, when Wayne has time he will come in and hookup. All volunteers for a learning experience keep your ears peeled! </p><p> If anyone knows where Jake Kallie’s 3COM network card is, he would like it back. Last seen in Dot? </p><p> Tim: Speakers! I decided to reschedule given our concentration on coursepacks. Neither Declan nor the Microsoft guy have confirmed the postponement. If I can’t get Declan, I’m still thinking of Shari Steele from EFF…AFTER spring break, and our annual Chicago trip. If anyone has other ideas for speakers, let us know. </p><p> Steve: CS Webpage Project! Need to get it done. I had originally planned to have it done by January 1st, but with finals and all, things got hectic. I would like as much as possible done by next Wednesday. Once more, the more people involved the better…there is still plenty that can be handed out. WMU’s entire website has recently been redesigned, so we should be able to go to Jo Wycoff and show her a more or less complete site. </p><p> Steve’s crash! Yeah, yeah, I munged /etc/passwd. We were only down for about two hours. All better now, valuable lesson learned…we need to make new boot/root disks with a decent set of rescue tools. This is priority! Multiple copies, even…and stored in numerous places. </p><p> New officers will be needed what with all these folks graduating, getting jobs, etc. Especially rootlings! </p><p> External modem was brought in by Prof. Hoffman, who would like to know if it works, and if so, how to make it work with her VT320. Some testing was done, still inconclusive. Don’t throw it out! Paul volunteers a USR 14.4 external for the club, which she can have if hers turns out to be broken. Someone should get ahold of her, visit her office, see her setup and help her out. </p><p> Paul is desperately seeking programmers for his MUD! email jettero for more information. the MUD is at dot.cs.wmich.edu 4000 </p><p> Tim: The tape drive’s back from Tech Care but still doesn’t work. </p><p> Donation was made from Karel of one (1) 8Mb SIMM, EDO! </p><p> Meeting is still on with Diether when he gets done driving the bus. No further details yet. yakko.cs.wmich.com still going strong, although only eleven users have taken advantage of it so far… </p><p> and now the (drumroll…) Treasurer’s Report: </p><p> Dennis: 12 coursepacks have been sold (total of 480), 168 bucks in food and pop sold since last time. </p><p> </p><p> Called it, 6:40. Thank you all! </p><p> </p>