15 Jan 1998

January 15th, 1998 </p><p> Present: Steve, Dennis, Ozz, Paul M, Ian, Fred D. </p><p> Steve: Not much this week. I still need office hours. If you don’t have a key and would like to hold one, let me know and one can be copied for you, or we can set one as a floating key again. </p><p> We need new officers! If you will be around next year… I’d like to have “officer training” for those who might be nervous about taking on the responsibility; folks can tag along behind current officers and see how things are done. Attendance in general is down, and fresh blood would be appreciated. Being an officer isn’t too hard, and it’s a great way to get more involved with the club. As far as I know we have nobody interested in being President, Vice President, etcetera… I know I can’t think of anyone who wants my job , but we NEED officers; it's what makes us a student organization and not just a bunch of folks who sit around drinking pop and playing on computers. I'll be graduating this spring along with other folks, </p><p>


I bought some more pop to tide us over temporarily. If anyone runs across any great deals, feel free to buy a few, and bring them in with a receipt so you can be reimbursed by Dennis. Diet pops are much in demand right now. Sam's Club shopping to be made tomorrow.

CS Department web pages are almost finished. All comments are welcomed; pages are currently stored on


Right now it's rather bland. If anyone has animations, Java, anything to liven things up, please contribute! As always, all input is welcome. I had a meeting with Jo Wycoff today; she and Nelson like the current look. Project files can still be found on yakko.

We have a 21" TV, broken VCR, and a Packard Bell 486 donated by bkelvis. I need ideas, since the TV is rather large...perhaps a corner wall mount?


Anyway, since space is at a premium even with the ongoing cleaning... perhaps once the VAXStations are set up we can come to a conclusion. If anyone here wants a TV, feel free to cart it home.

Wayne is REAL busy through this week; hopefully this Sunday will work out to get the VAXen set up. All interested parties are welcome to attend, jeer, offer hints or possibly even learn something. Ken Thies plans on replacing his VT's with Windows NT machines (ACK!), so he has no need for our Vaxen... we have a total of five machines to set up (assuming we have enough electricity), the rest were consolidated, so each machine has 200Mb and the rest are just cases, boards and spare parts, which are all still in fine working condition. We'll keep the spare equipment handy just in case, or to donate to any interested parties.

Kapenga would like assistance setting up xkernel on Sun3's -- jay and chris did this about three years ago. Mail is being sent to jay for more info. As with most club projects, anyone is welcome to help or learn.

Treasurer's Report: Dennis: We sold ten coursepacks this week, total of 22 so far, profit of about 580 on this. 50 bucks made on food and pop this week.

Steve: Next Wednesday is the last day of guaranteed 9-5 office hours for the coursepack sales.

No more business? Meeting adjourned, 6:35. Thanks for coming, now git!