22 Jan 1998

Computer Club Meeting Minutes </p><p> Jan 22, 1998 </p><p> Members present: Tim Miley, Steve Sedore, Jeremy Jubenville, Wesley Leonard, Paul Miller, Dave Bocek, Dennis Huppertz, Darron Christian, Chris Nicholson, James Weng, Karl Sebek, James Nelli. </p><p> 1) Dave Bocek is a presidential candidate for WSA for next year. Floor yielded to Dave. </p><p> </p><p> 2) Officers: we need new officers to take over for next year. Steve and Dennis are leaving, Darron and Tim have done everything already. Basically, we are creating officer training program for CCLUB. We are looking for recruits or getting more involved will be asked to talk to Steve and help them with questions. Try to get people interested in certain position and get them acclimatized to their responsibility and insure continuity. The more you do, the more confident you get. </p><p> People who are interested (at least two) must be full time students. Pres must be full time students, plus one other officer. If you are interested, email steve. Recruit, recruit, recruit. The club will fail if we don’t get new officers this year. it is THAT BAD!!! </p><p> 3) Ideas to get people into the club. How do we recruit. Mostly silent, mostly logging in. We need more people coming to meetings and participating. We have about 100 members, but we get about 5 or 6 people at meetings. Many members are alumni, but still large numbers of people would be great. W would like to be the largest organization on campus. </p><p> Tim: let’s snail mail all CS people. Probably no more that $0.20. i </p><p> New fliers needed. We need games. Maybe a gaming network. Movie night for bringing in people. Pizza and pop. Club members and non can come. Get the word out. Looking for fun ideas. Please, if you have an idea, TELL US! </p><p> 4) We need a yakko/unix manual to help unix newbies. How to use yakko and unix. Would be given to all new members. How to manual. Possbible to give to cs 223 students who need to use unix but probably have no experienc in unix. </p><p> Gives information useful for both club members and class. The unix part is crucial. </p><p> 5) Speakers situation. </p><p> 6) Chicago trip…we will do it. Setting a date is the toughest part. Get a van. Spend a day in chicago..play battletech. Usually around good friday or spring break. Need it earlier this year. </p><p> 7) Sign on the door…we need a nicer sign…something like with our web page address. Newspaper clippings are dull and old news. </p><p> 8) Adjourned at 6:49 PM. </p>