29 Jan 1998

present: steve, dennis, paul, darron, ian, wesley, james wang </p><p> Steve: once again the cry goes out for officers, for every position. The officer training program is in effect so people can work with the old before they assume the new. Anyone who doesn’t know what the duties are, or wants more information, can either read the Club Constitution on our web page, http://yakko.cs.wmich.edu/general/new.const or ask any existing officer who holds a position you’re interested in. We Need You! </p><p> The web development team will continue to be active, I’m not disbanding. Whoever wants to lead the team (usually webmaster of the club) can take over. Next year there should be much more of a demand for webpages, both from students (hopefully) and staff, and we can help fill that demand. The team can do whatever they want – have meetings, do everything in email. One of their goals will be to maintain our website.. I see them perhaps discussing HTML, the Web in general and where it’s going, just specific focus on the Web as opposed to the broader goals of the Club. The CS web site will also continue to be our project; I’ll be getting the one we’ve been working on transferred over by next week. That will need regular updating and maintenance, and the web team shouldn’t hesitate to do that. As usual, interested parties should mail csproj@yakko for more info. </p><p> on that note, redesigning Yakko’s page: Any ideas on how to change or improve? It used to change a lot last year… but it’s been a while since we had a face lift! If anyone’s feeling creative, copy some files over to your directory from /home/httpd/html and hack away. I would like Yakko also to have a page of “things to do”, projects that some people think would be interesting that we need volunteers for. Writing a Linux manual, making flyers, [re]designing webpages, etc, so people don’t have to read through the last few weeks of minutes to find out where we’re going. I’ll set up a basic list tonight; any suggestions, mail the usual suspects…root, steve, webmaster, etc. This will be a focal point to increase involvement and encourage networking between club members, to share their expertise. Big or little, it will all be on that list. I’ll mass-mail everyone when it’s up, since I know not everyone reads the (carefully annotated) minutes. </p><p> (both on yakko.edu and yakko.com….) </p><p> Chicago trip is still on. Spring Break is Feb 28-Mar 8, so we’d have a full seven days. If anyone has a preference let us know soon, we need to secure a van and make other arrangements. </p><p> For those interested, there are only fifty (50) more class days left, not including spring break or finals.. I know, I counted. I have senioritis. </p><p> Coursepacks! The sale went well, even though we have quite a few left over. Another CS224 exam is coming up very soon, so we may still have another surge of customers after February 15th. Again, we want to continue doing this, not just for fall and winter, but year round – the students get a cheaper coursepack, and the club makes money. For spring and summer, I need once again to know who can hold office hours and sell these things, because I am leaving! Without someone here, we won’t be able to do it, so PLEASE let us know if you can help. </p><p> Pookie! </p><p> Keys: Steve, Tim, Dennis, Paul, Ian, Ken, Trenary…Sue? Should be ten keys floating around. Track ‘em down. </p><p> my mass mailing asking what people want from the club: I’ve gotten about 25 responses so far. What do they use Yakko for? Pretty much everyone said email. What do they want the club to do? About 95% said, either the club’s already doing it, or I can’t think of anything, or I don’t know. Time to use your imagination…if all you want is email, why not use the Vax? </p><p> I would like to drop membership dues to 10.00/year starting next year. The club was started not to make money from its members because we knew members didn’t have anything. We’re doing well enough from coursepacks and such to have a good income without gouging our members, who deserve the best deal we can give them. When I joined as a sophomore, I had no idea what the club did, and that 20 bucks up front was a bit off-putting. I want something on the door that advertises our webpage ability, and a startup fee of 10 bucks will hopefully grab a lot more people. We need to heavily advertise web pages…not enough people are taking advantage of it! </p><p> Anyway…since all our members are so scattered around with when they joined, how long their membership is good for, it’s difficult to be fair about when to implement the change in dues. </p><p> MOTION by Steve: That membership dues be reduced to 10.00/year. SECONDED by Ian, Dennis… </p><p> Good with everyone here? As unanimous as it gets…except for Jettero, who will write the dissenting opinion tomorrow. </p><p> MOTION passes. </p><p> We now have new membership/web forms available. Spread the word about our new reduced rates! </p><p> Did I mention the Quake server is running on wiley? </p><p> Pop is on sale at Target right now so I got ten cases. Anyone going there, pick up a couple! And we still have more folks asking for gum… </p><p> Jettero wants more equipment. Steve notes we have three 486 motherboards not being used…Lenny is one of them. We have RAM coming out of our ears. Dennis notes we should do more with the equipment we have before we go buying more, to which most concur. Ian proposes some sort of semi-detailed inventory be made so we know what we need to go with what we have. Steve, Ian and just about everyone agrees with the concept of getting lots of different hardware/software to show Linux’ strength as an integrated networking platform. </p><p> Dennis: Our account balance is good enough I’d open to suggestions as to purchasing. </p><p> Paul ruminates on setting up a Subspace server… </p><p> Darren wants to turn Wiley into an NT server. </p><p> Steve: I propose we set a date to do it! I said this three or four months ago… get a license from Ken since he’s setting up an NT network? He’s got spare licenses… or I can sell my copy to Darren before I leave. We are definitely short on monitors… </p><p> Jettero: I have a spare monitor and PCI Diamond Stealth… I can bring them in. </p><p> Darren: How many people have NT experience? Me, Jettero.. I’ve been running NT Server 4 for a while now. </p><p> Steve: NT installation party, with pizza and pop! ASAP. Suggestions for date and time are welcomed. At your convenience… </p><p> Dennis: Treasurer’s report. Last week we made 65, this week we made 82. </p><p> Other business? </p><p> Wesley: There’s a place near my home that sells used monitors for 50 bucks or so..close to Auburn Hills, Detroit area. Factory refurbished monitors are 150 or so. I go home every couple of weeks, I’ll check it out. Also will email their URL to people. </p><p> Steve: Dennis, did you pay Ozz for the switch? </p><p> Dennis: Not yet; I’ll attend to that. </p><p> Darren: Some good backup hardware…if we go down, it’s OOPS! </p><p> Steve: Can Ken put us back in his backup list? </p><p> Darren: I’ll speak to him; Tim probably knows more than I at this time. I think Ken was timing out connecting to us via NFS. We can at least set it up for a week and have him let us know of any problems. </p><p> Steve: I’ve decided the tape drive is a lost cause, so suggestions on a new backup device will be welcomed. </p><p> And with that, we call it, 7:13pm. That’s a meeting. Thanks for sharing! </p>