03 Sep 1998

Computer Club Meeting Minutes for 9/3/1998 </p><p> Members present: Tim Miley, Devon Witherell, Wesley Leonard, Kelly Weaver, Rebecca Palen, Andrew Oswald, Isaac Rzonca, Darron Christian. </p><p> </p><p> 1) Welcome back. Next week is the first ‘official’ meeting. Briefing on summer. We are moving back to 6:00 PM. Introduction to new member Devon. Briefing on the Yakko fiasco. Tim and Ozz talked a lot. </p><p> 2) Agenda for future meetings. Tentative linux install party on the 17th. Bring in CPUs or hard drives. Advertise in Glances on Herald. Fliers on campus. </p><p> 3) Mailing list on Wesley’s web page: http://members.xoom.com/pacd. </p><p> 4) We need to improve the web page. Looking for interested people. Also, CS needs help. Talk to tmiley or kaminski@cs.wmich.edu. </p><p> 5) Tentative schedule for next few meetings. Lectures. </p><p> 6) Office….let’s get cleaned. How about some more shelving? Let’s monitor University Surplus. </p><p> 7) Vax workstations…licensing and how to. </p><p> 8) Tutoring for CS 111/112. We would like experienced cs students to help others and help advertise club. Please volunteer. </p><p> 9) CCLUB tee shirts. This would rock… Let’s get some made. We need a logo or design. </p><p> 10) Project ideas from Ozz: Build robots…this would really be cool. Some programming to do. Also, use excess 486s to build a Beowulf cluster (supercomputers!). o </p><p> 11) Checking account problems. The old officers still happen to be on the account and the new officers cannot get on account. Our current bank is satisfactory, but we definitely need to get the banking stuff under control. </p><p> 12) Emac/VI religious wars…people gradually leave. </p>