15 Oct 1998

6:05 October 15, 1998

1. Nike considers this minutes to be an act of spam. She seems to want the spam award. Ozz proposes nike get the spam award. Spam is reject, and dejected.

2. Attendance: Ozz, Nike, Fearless leader, poetic, Bob with the cool case, ystel, jettero, maartin. (Tim missed meeting), no, actully tim is late with food.

3. Tim -- Propses ordering pizza, nike seconds, pizza reject with spam.

4. Office stuff -- 4.1 Organize all papers into the binder. 4.1.1 Jettero offers to improve user database-thingy (accts.Yakko) 4.2 Commend pacd on cleaning office 4.2.1 Threating about getting rid of sgi 4.2.2 Proposing of a x-mas decorating party 4.2.3 Propse a montor smash at next b-bash. "bash the monitor" 4.2.4 Motion to kill cancer couch. Couch will find new home elsewhere, (dump, dumpser, dumserette) 5. Vax stations: 5.0 Options: 5.0.1 Find mystery student to fix vax station 5.0.2 Get UCC friends to fix all legal issues with vax (Shubat,Grant) Get them to do a VMS talk while they are at it. 5.1 REWARD! MAKE THE VAX STATIONS WORK AND WIN A VAX STATION! 6. Treasurer Cashbox: $112.54 Checks: ($112.96) pop/cheezits ($530.00) ozz for hd/monitors Going to bank tommrow to fix the account

7. Events: Movie party: 5th element, starship troopers, Disneyfest, Last Starfighter, Toystory, Nike and Tim want Titanic. Holloween Party at Wes's -- 626 Summer Street, wes will provide map. Linux Install Party -- Next term

Java talk soon from Jet.

Ozz will send .tgz scripts to webmaster

8. General ban on Beavus and Butthead, -- BANNED BY VOTE 9. Issiac got a Key.

meeting ajurned