15 Oct 1998

6:05 October 15, 1998 </p><p>

  1. Nike considers this minutes to be an act of spam. She seems to want the spam award. Ozz proposes nike get the spam award. Spam is reject, and dejected. </p><p>
  2. Attendance: Ozz, Nike, Fearless leader, poetic, Bob with the cool case, ystel, jettero, maartin. (Tim missed meeting), no, actully tim is late with food. </p><p>
  3. Tim – Propses ordering pizza, nike seconds, pizza reject with spam. </p><p>
  4. Office stuff – 4.1 Organize all papers into the binder. 4.1.1 Jettero offers to improve user database-thingy (accts.Yakko) 4.2 Commend pacd on cleaning office 4.2.1 Threating about getting rid of sgi 4.2.2 Proposing of a x-mas decorating party 4.2.3 Propse a montor smash at next b-bash. “bash the monitor” 4.2.4 Motion to kill cancer couch. Couch will find new home elsewhere, (dump, dumpser, dumserette) 5. Vax stations: 5.0 Options: 5.0.1 Find mystery student to fix vax station 5.0.2 Get UCC friends to fix all legal issues with vax (Shubat,Grant) Get them to do a VMS talk while they are at it. 5.1 REWARD! MAKE THE VAX STATIONS WORK AND WIN A VAX STATION! 6. Treasurer Cashbox: $112.54 Checks: ($112.96) pop/cheezits ($530.00) ozz for hd/monitors Going to bank tommrow to fix the account </p><p>
  5. Events: Movie party: 5th element, starship troopers, Disneyfest, Last Starfighter, Toystory, Nike and Tim want Titanic. Holloween Party at Wes’s – 626 Summer Street, wes will provide map. Linux Install Party – Next term </p><p> Java talk soon from Jet. </p><p> Ozz will send .tgz scripts to webmaster </p><p>
  6. General ban on Beavus and Butthead, – BANNED BY VOTE 9. Issiac got a Key. </p><p>

</p><p> meeting ajurned </p><p> </p>