22 Oct 1998

Persons here: Nike, Tmiley, Jettero, Ystel, Pacd (the prez), Poetic, PhorcePhed, The Lovely Man </p><p>

  1. Ozz to Chicago. One of ozz’s students knows how to fix a VAX? 2. DecUS needs to give us licenses. 3. Mail a. Wanna tutor high school students? There’s a notice in the office where it can be easily located. b. If anyone wants The Cclub to be on TV, stop by the office, and offer assistance. 4. LINUX install party scheduling a. Do we wanna? i. Should we wait for kernel 2.2? RedHat 5.2. ii. The vote? iii. We still have 7 wither neither CD’s (BSware really) iv. Sometime in November. b. Tim is Nuts 5. CD-R??!?! Computer show this Sunday. a. Anyone wanna go? b. Everyone that’s going is meeting at the Cclub at 9:30 Sunday the 25th. c. Bring your own car. d. Please come! 6. The Expir3 Warning Pr0ject is done! 7. New project: Lock accounts. a. if people don’t enter their phone numbers and addresses b. after expiration dates 8. Thursday December 3rd: Movie Party! Regular meeting at 6:00, movies at 6:30. a. Free Pizza b. StarShip Troopers c. The Fifth Element d. The Timinator doesn’t like like the movie choices… shrug 9. Holloweenie Party at Wesley’s house. The map is on the wallhey, it’s in the ghetto, so bring chains and knives. Show up around 8:00, not too much later, cuz the neighborhood is really scary. 10. KLUG is having a Halloween party too. It’s at Boogie’s Cafe. Map is on the wall as well. They have their own balcony for games and machines. Egg-heads only. Live music! There is food and drink…. bring your one $$$. 11. Hologram has been de-padlocked. Let’s get it working or going. a. Raffle? b. Physics Experiment (i.e. drop it out the window). 12. M$ babble. 13. PhorcePhed wants some feedback on the new pages! The URL is http://yakko.cs.wmich.edu/New/supersecret 14. Kohrman lied, in the paper, several times. Though he might not be aware of it. http://www.wmich.edu/herald/1998/oct/20/3645.htm </p>