28 Jan 1999

Present: Wes, Kelly, Brian (Tarkaan), Paul, Christine, Aaron, Ozz, Rebecca, Isaac, Brian (Olorun). </p><p> </p><p>

  1. WIDR - Brian has opened a dialogue with WIDR. NO problem rebroadcasting signal, may have to pay ASCAP or BMI fees. We may be able to trade a computer for the fees. Possibly using a program called “Scream” (linux) to broadcast. </p><p> Step 1: Contact CS dept with bandwidth concerns Step 2: Hardware/Software, technical stuff together Step 3: Implement </p><p>

</p><p> </p><p>

  1. We have an answering machine, just need a phone jack splitter to make it work. </p><p>
  2. (There seems to be a point three… still waiting…) Scrapping a IBM XT. </p><p>
  3. Possible trip to Chicago for comdex, unfortunately lies during finals. </p><p> 5.) Finances: Cash box 45.80 Members 30.00 Course Packs 45.00 </p><p> 6.) Nike gets 3 yrs. membership for a 486 donation! </p><p> 7.) Investigating Licences for Re-Broadcast. Price sounds like $46.50/mo (maybe from Isaac) This is total so the cost would be split with WIDR. OR it may be included in the existing license so we don’t need it. </p><p> 8.) Linux Install Party </p><p>
    • The party has been put off until Further Notice * </p><p> Old info: </p><p> Klug has moved location again. The location can be found on their web page. Wes will by buying 20 cd’s for our install party on the Feb 4. 6:00. Announcements have been placed in the Herald… Kapenga has no objections, however approval must come from other people in the department. May be no space to have the party, since the lab has hardware in it. We may be able to borrow monitors from the lab. If anything is broken or missing we will have to replace it… Possible move date back until approval and space has been found. Space alternatives: Conference rooms? Hallway? Classroom near the office? </p><p> 9.) Mud is slung. Wes is pimp’n. Tarkan undergoes a social crisis. </p><p> 10.) New Item: Ozz - Suggest way to make money by putting candy and a collection box down in the CS office by the coffee pot? Sue is accepting of this vending idea. Web Cam? Need to find prices and info. </p><p> 11.) Food is thrown out because of past freshness dates. </p><p> 12.) Wes made the cd-changer work under Windows. </p><p> 13.) Wes wants a scsi card for the club. Checking on prices. </p><p> 14.) Wes will be visiting Cindy this weekend. </p><p> 15.) Ozz has a “good” idea. Fund raiser involving a texbook exchange. This sounds like a VERY good idea. </p><p>

</p><p> Meeting adjourned 7:40pm. </p>