04 Feb 1999

Big important meeting for 2-4-1999

Attended by, Timininator, Ozz, Orien the sys admin, wes, isaac, poetic

Ozz brought SCSI cards! New toys!

1st item: Top secret! We'd have to kill ya ...

Officers and Cclub are routed to secretary and president (email aliases)

2nd: Open dialog with WIDR is underway. Orien says that the system currently can't handle it.

Tim asks would there be some time in the future it would be possible?

Orien said we have to postpone until next week.

Wes: Would they be okay with the idea? Orien: I would need to confirm with my bosses. Tim talked about limitations

3rd item: Wes: when is the install party?

Ozz: "Ozz Orien and Kapenga will figure out how to do that on the thursday night before spring break."

Tim: "I will have a new flyer back by Tuesday the 9th."

4th Item: Hardware.

Ozz: Will consider the cost of scsi cards in his possesion.

Wes: I have two network cards for Brian to test with the two linux boxes. Through a handy down train from nameless... Two 450mg hard drives will be available at low cost.

5th item:

Tim says UUUUHHMM. We should talk about our Chicago trip. Tim confirms that trip will include a battle-tech outing. March (6). Information will be posted to the MOTD by Tim.

6TH Item Money

Cash box $69.10 New Members $10.00 Going to Dep $100.00 into checking tommorow. That's it.

7th item:

Vax terminals. Tim could take a crack at getting into it. We will try tonight. Start talking with UCS geeks about getting the licenses into our names. Norm Grant could help (by Tim).


Meeting Adjourned - play...