11 Feb 1999

The minutes as of2/11/99 6:04 pm Not Present... the secretary Present: The web guy, the insult guy, the finance gal, the treasurer, the popus guy, the poetic gal, wes the pawn, and ozz the disgruntled transcript clerk.

First topic: Print server has a network card, the club is talking about getting crappy macs... (don't you wish you were here?) --- egar and knowledgable people are saught to make it talk to the world. The inslut guy is crazy.

Exciting news: A guy from Toronto wants to buy one. (Dec Terminal that is...)

Wes wants spock. (sick B**stard)

Robot machine near appearing. Jettero is volunteering to implement the imposssible. It will talk.

Finance officer wants to buy a programmer for the robotics project.

Jettero fixed michnet. Who saz we aren't slightly useful. Your packets won't get dropped for a few minutes an hour anymore.

Wes professes his secret verbage for jet. (see last week and don't leave your terminal unattended.)

Wes wants to buy books. Long awkward sigh.

Treasurer's report: Cashbox $80 Check $30 to wes for netcards (2) ATM card is lost. Will get a new one from the credit union for 5 bucks, the paperwork will be processed by tommrow. Nike profusely appoljizes for the loss, Jet forgives her. Random giggles and comments. Need one more coursepack printed.

Linux install party: Tim or wes will stick a copy of the flier in ozz's cs mailbox if they want it distributed to the dept.

The slacker arrives....

The slacker continues...

Game Server: Tribes, Hardware supplied by "Some Guys" (including but not limited to David Meads) Somehow bandwidth needs to be watched. Possibly limiting concurrent users...

WIDR project may still be on, provided we can plug in over at OSL. Tarkan continues the Quest.

Feild Trip next meeting to the N-CUBE machine down the hall. (God Willing)

Jettero volunteers to work on Pserve. Note so we know who to bug...

Olorun volunteers to design a form for gathering Meeting Topics during the week.

7:00 Meeting Adjourned.