11 Feb 1999

The minutes as of2/11/99 6:04 pm Not Present… the secretary Present: The web guy, the insult guy, the finance gal, the treasurer, the popus guy, the poetic gal, wes the pawn, and ozz the disgruntled transcript clerk. </p><p> First topic: Print server has a network card, the club is talking about getting crappy macs… (don’t you wish you were here?) — egar and knowledgable people are saught to make it talk to the world. The inslut guy is crazy. </p><p> Exciting news: A guy from Toronto wants to buy one. (Dec Terminal that is…) </p><p> Wes wants spock. (sick B**stard) </p><p> Robot machine near appearing. Jettero is volunteering to implement the imposssible. It will talk. </p><p> Finance officer wants to buy a programmer for the robotics project. </p><p> Jettero fixed michnet. Who saz we aren’t slightly useful. Your packets won’t get dropped for a few minutes an hour anymore. </p><p> Wes professes his secret verbage for jet. (see last week and don’t leave your terminal unattended.) </p><p> Wes wants to buy books. Long awkward sigh. </p><p> Treasurer’s report: Cashbox $80 Check $30 to wes for netcards (2) ATM card is lost. Will get a new one from the credit union for 5 bucks, the paperwork will be processed by tommrow. Nike profusely appoljizes for the loss, Jet forgives her. Random giggles and comments. Need one more coursepack printed. </p><p> Linux install party: Tim or wes will stick a copy of the flier in ozz’s cs mailbox if they want it distributed to the dept. </p><p> The slacker arrives…. </p><p> The slacker continues… </p><p> Game Server: Tribes, Hardware supplied by “Some Guys” (including but not limited to David Meads) Somehow bandwidth needs to be watched. Possibly limiting concurrent users… </p><p> WIDR project may still be on, provided we can plug in over at OSL. Tarkan continues the Quest. </p><p> Feild Trip next meeting to the N-CUBE machine down the hall. (God Willing) </p><p> Jettero volunteers to work on Pserve. Note so we know who to bug… </p><p> Olorun volunteers to design a form for gathering Meeting Topics during the week. </p><p> 7:00 Meeting Adjourned. </p>