18 Feb 1999

Present: Ozz, prez, Timmy, Nike, (the Secretary - proof of this is left as an exersize for the reader) Isaac, Rebecca, "The better Half", Joe and someone else, "The lesser Half".

Wes says we'll get excited when we go look at the N-cube in about 15min.

Wes talked to a WSA -or almost talked to a WSA candidate who is interested in getting student web pages.

The better half says she is interested in jumping through WSA hoops to garner money. Tim explains that the process starts with a form and proceeds to a presentation on how the money will be used for an educational purpose.

Infamous install party. Money falls from heaven... Or val-hala etc.

The install party is on for next week. Ozz comments that subliminal messages have been sent, but wants concrete information to pass on. Wes will provide this to Ozz tonight.

A sale is made.

Klug has moved again. To the Adult Community Education Center on Westnege and Vine and the parking is on the street before Vine which is "Dutton I think".

Ozz suggests that Wes offer to requisition a classroom for their use (Tuesday).

The install party is ON. One week from tonight Minus 15 minutes. The date according to Tim is Feb 25, 6:00 pm meet at 4154 Dunbar. Refreshments CD's. $10 for Club membership, $2 for CD, (Must purchase together. Will install for free, though must purchase the cd if user wants to keep it.

Fascinating Idea on the Install Manual, possibly we could print it out and copy it for distribution\sale at the Party and/or on a running basis.

Isaac and Wes have a side discussion about Copy-Left.

Party: RSVP people who are bringing machines and\or want CD's... Rsvp to officers@yakko.cs.wmich.edu.

Other ideas: Voice mail for the club since we now have a modem. Next week project.

Ozz begins a story about last summer. Last summer we had a hacker and a spat with the UCC. IN an effort to look more responsible we set up process accounting on yakko, basically a log of every command by users on yakko. Then in a security breach we could find out who has been doing what. Anyhow - the key was an audit trail. So, ozz zipped it and asks to set up a cron job to kill them in a reasonable time. Maybe 6 months.

Isaac announces a new member - procrastinated till after the N-cube visit.

Chicago trip is set for an all day trip Saturday March 6th.


Isaac, Tim, Pacd, Olorun.


Cash Box 161.84. Spent $20 Course Pack Printing. Total $141.84 remaining.

Ozz asked about total net worth = something like $12-1300. Complete.

No Game Progress. :(

Isaac and Wes start another side conversation.

Everyone trundles off to look at N-Cube... minutes finished by frogfarm. over and out.