11 Mar 1999

Present: Ozz Pacd, Olorun, Isaac, Nike, Jettero, Cadium, Poetic, Christine, Ironhard.

Item 1: Wes ponders a good idea... Isaac volunteers to lend some hardware to club for cd's, burning and listening. P60 (Gateway) motherboard 8mb ram.

800mb for (Junkfood) 400,500mb from Wes ?=$50

Item 2: Keyboard Swap for Hologram.

Item 3: We want a Sign for window.

Item 4: Vax news Wes sold 7 @$50 a peice.

$$$ Report Cash box $74.15 $30 Accounts $2 Cd's $100 Course Packs $355 Vax Stations

New = $487 Total = $561.15

Total Net Worth ?=1584.73

Linux Journal has been subscribed to - they will be available in the office.

Voice Mail is operational, the code for checking is also in the office. There is no light for messages - check often.

Web Page - Online form for registering new members. Post Jobs -Online

Isaac announces a new minutes page.

Want a Linux install party web site.

Course packs - intend to continue sales. Want a 1:1 representative between profs and the club. Keep masters out of sight. Refund Policy is - ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

Hardware Liquidations... Need some ideas on how to accomplish these things.

Idea of swapping hardware with other computer clubs...(who?)

Print Server, this tuesday - the klug meeting will be about printing. 7:00pm.

Klug on campus - need a room requisition form with a cover-letter explaining why it is good idea etc. - Do it the official way.

3 Fun items.

New ideas - Granola Bars - Whatchamacallits - Vending machine with popcorn and microwave.

Coffee Maker idea. Coffee of the month club for $10 Divalia.

Elections - 1 month . Nominations: Nike nominates self for Treasurer. (Student? Interning.) Ozz nominates self for VP. (Student - till thesis\job) Nominations: Wes - would like to be VP with new prez... (Student -Spring 2000) Nominations: Ozz nominated for Prez. Wes nominates self for vp. Olorun nominates self for Secretary.(Student - Dec '99) Christine nominates self for vp of finance.(Student - Spring)

Movie Party in a few weeks - form will be going on page. Suggestions: Star Wars Straight Through. Open to public. Bring Memberships and CD's. Do it on Film in Miller? Do it through CAB?

8:00 Meeting Adjourned...