18 Mar 1999

Computer Club meeting minutes </p><p> 3/18/1999 </p><p> Members present: Rebecca Palen, Andrew (Iron Fist) Oswald, Wesley Leonard, Isaac Rzonca, Tim Miley, Paul Miller, Joe Burke. </p><p> 1) The Association of Information Technology Professionals is hosting a programming comp. 3 lang Vis C++, Basic COBOL. Team of up to 2 people. The first place prize in each language is $200. Fee is $20 per team. Rep from Stryker, Keystone, Granite, and Manatron will be there. Resumes. Networking. Internships? </p><p> Web site with rules at: http://studentworld.wmich.edu/org/aitp </p><p> 10-2 this Saturday. Judging will be from 2-4. </p><p> Contact Brad Swadling at brad@risingsuntech.com. </p><p> 2) There is a Queensryche fan club meeting. Ask poetic@yakko.cs.wmich.edu. Location: 463 Victoria Ct. Villas of Southland behind Southland Mall. Time/date: 2pm this Saturday. </p><p> 3) Brian flooded the office by defrosting the fridge. </p><p> 4) KLUG room. Miscellaneous discussion going nowhere. </p><p> 5) Movie. $200 for campus cinema. $100 for house manager and projectionist. $100-900 for movie. Suggested that we see if we can get CAB to cosponsor the project. </p><p> 6) Jettero suggests hanging a quickcam out the window and putting up a picture of campus. </p><p> 7) Meeting adjourned so we can poke the print server. </p><p> </p><p> </p>