09 Sep 1999

Minutes </p><p> Present : Ozz, Pacd, Phorceph, Nike, Poetic, Tmiley, Olorun, Jettero, Maartin - New Members (No usernames yet.) </p><p> Item of business - Drawing for the VAX 3100… </p><p> A slew of names were drawn - looking for the 5 actually in attendance… </p><p> Eric Jochum wins - Best of Luck and may the force be with you. </p><p> After an incredible movement to rid the office of all VAX Stations, the drawing was extended for the remaining 3 Vax Stations to the 5 contestants. </p><p> Linux Install Party Announced </p><p> Here 4154 Dunbar, 6pm 9/23/99 </p><p> </p><p> Post Computer Club Meeting Entertainment - Movies at Miller Will be Paid for by Club after meetings for members in attendance. M </p><p> CoursePacks $ 1077 Membership $ 160 </p><p> Nike will aquire more candy for club to sell tommorrow (Friday). </p><p> Ozz polls for new ideas for projects. Public Information Kiosk. Send mail to cs students announcing our existance. Refurbish computers for charity. Tutoring “Help Desk” Trouble Shooting Meeting (Along the lines of the install party.) Set up a game server. Student Web Pages Robot Creation Usenet server Make a contribution to the Free Software Organization Send members to ACM Programming Contest. </p><p> Roger suggests an organization to bring projects to and gather funding. Roger is also interested in installing packages onto the cs network in a cclub area. </p><p> Roger volunteers a talk on Emacs Tim volunteers RPG. Jettero volunteers a talk on Make Olorun volunteers a talk on Networks. </p><p> </p><p> Intro talk on Linux. </p><p> Maartin suggests putting together a unix documentation for our local machine. </p><p> Status on yakko.com - Wes says it “still doesn’t work.” </p><p> Ozz beats up refrigerator for attention. </p><p> jeremy suggests battletech match at Discount Hobby for club event… Contact Jeremy to pursue this: Phone 341-4238 </p><p> </p><p> Meeting adjourned 7:07 </p>