16 Sep 1999

Minutes: </p><p> Present: Pacd, Ozz, Olorun, Tmiley, Isaac, Camber, Matt, Morgan, Rich, jphilli, Matts, </p><p> New Vice President of Information Technology announced: Viji Murali coming to us from Arizona. A warm welcome is in order. </p><p> KLUG has given us surplus “Free Stuff” A stack of SuSe Linux Cd’s - what do we want to do with these? Caldera CD’s also available. Mandrake Linux, Openlinux, Suse </p><p> Many free samples, bumber stickers etc, etc, stickers handed out. </p><p> Coming… LINUX INSTALL PARTY 204 Bernhard Center 6:30 pm Next Thursday. That means we sell CD’s and memberships together for $12 or just CD’s to members for $2. Pizza and pop if permissable in Bernhard Center. </p><p> </p><p> ACM Programming Contest Competition held in Canada, Overall a fun time. Scored on length of time to submit and correctness. A team of 3 people and 1 computer get to try and solve 5 problems. Trip to Canada, all expenses paid, possible Europe based on performance. </p><p> Ozz announces that he likes robots… GSAC, OSA. Might not be too hard to put a community outreach angle on a proposal. Timetable of about a month. Must be phrased in a way that garners publicity for WMU. </p><p> A talk about Perl has needs a new time due to conflict with Linux install Party.!?! (Are you reading this Jettero?) </p><p> Ozz gives a brief history of time - actually just the web pages history of our University. </p><p> I wanna go see the Matrix. </p><p> Meeting adjourned 6:50pm </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p>