16 Sep 1999


Present: Pacd, Ozz, Olorun, Tmiley, Isaac, Camber, Matt, Morgan, Rich, jphilli, Matts,

New Vice President of Information Technology announced: Viji Murali coming to us from Arizona. A warm welcome is in order.

KLUG has given us surplus "Free Stuff" A stack of SuSe Linux Cd's - what do we want to do with these? Caldera CD's also available. Mandrake Linux, Openlinux, Suse

Many free samples, bumber stickers etc, etc, stickers handed out.

Coming... LINUX INSTALL PARTY 204 Bernhard Center 6:30 pm Next Thursday. That means we sell CD's and memberships together for $12 or just CD's to members for $2. Pizza and pop if permissable in Bernhard Center.

ACM Programming Contest Competition held in Canada, Overall a fun time. Scored on length of time to submit and correctness. A team of 3 people and 1 computer get to try and solve 5 problems. Trip to Canada, all expenses paid, possible Europe based on performance.

Ozz announces that he likes robots... GSAC, OSA. Might not be too hard to put a community outreach angle on a proposal. Timetable of about a month. Must be phrased in a way that garners publicity for WMU.

A talk about Perl has needs a new time due to conflict with Linux install Party.!?! (Are you reading this Jettero?)

Ozz gives a brief history of time - actually just the web pages history of our University.

I wanna go see the Matrix.

Meeting adjourned 6:50pm