30 Sep 1999

Present: Ozz, Pacd, Olorun, Isaac , ~Nike, Morgan, Camber, Erik, zaphod, tmiley, jamal. </p><p> </p><p> Announcements: </p><p> Treasurer is leaving - we need a treasurer. Camber is nominated seconded by nike and Isaac. He also notes that he has experience… </p><p> </p><p> Job description: “The description”, keep the cd sales, coursepacks, snacks, new users, etc monies under control. This includes managing the deposits for the checking. Also need to transfer acct names. </p><p> ACM programming team recap. Trip to Canada, exposure to employers, basically a good time. New try-out on monday evening. </p><p> Perl talk fairly sucessfull - thankyou jettero. </p><p> What do you want to know about? Who can teach morgan to program? Roger Zaney might to a crash course in Emacs. Beginners unix shell tricks intro Note: Tim volunteers. Graphics anyone know how? Motiff or possibly “the Gimp” NFS ? Distributed Processing - network booting. Make - a talk by Mr. Make </p><p> No </p><p> Cashbox $57.70 CD’s $38 Memberships $20 Coursepacks $0 Cables $25.40 Install party $80 - $60(pizza) + New Install Party = new $143 somehow. </p><p> Money maker ideas- </p><p> Wireless Lan. Student Access Laser printer for said Wireless Lan. Robotic Paper Feeder for said laser printer. Camber is going over to talk to WSA about getting forms for our ideas. </p><p> Almost ready with Wakko for getting WIDR out over the net. </p><p> Goals for the evening: Make the CD-Burner work. Fix machines that came to the meeting (to be fixed). </p><p> Meeting Adjourned 6:45 </p><p> </p>