11 Nov 1999

Present: Tmiley, Pacd, Phorceph, Magoo, Kamber, Zroger, zaphod, Ozz, Sumrandm Olorun, Rattles.

Wes proposes we order pizza. - In honor of Ed and hologram... Motion passed!

Thank Magoo for the 4/5ths of our pizza order!

Chris (Sumrandm) will do stand up comedy next week 11/18. on NFS Sub-titled: "It's all in the Protocol" note NIS will not be covered.

We are sending thanks to the installation fairy for advancement of Hologram towards usability.

We are making a note, that we desire to meet Viji Murali our new VP of technology after she's settled in. Likely after Thanksgiving - maybe we can "do lunch."

A guide to the Agencies in the Bird Cage is kept in the top drawer of the filing cabinet for reference.... smirk.

$156.54 Cash box. Made about $90 for the week. $4 in CD Money.

Magoo points out that Comdex is next week.

6:35 Meeting is adjourned.