18 Nov 1999

Present: Ozz, Pacd, Olorun, Kamber, Rodger, Chris, Isaac, Jettero

Greetings and salutations.

Treasurers Report $128.55 CashBox

Membership $110 CD's 6$ Course Packs $130

Nike is still MIA.

GSAC Money

Target Project

Rotating Funding Basis - Every month they have meetings which result in people getting funding.

Could sell the WIDER Idea.

The Northern Ohio Users Group is hosting Linux Users Group Gathering at Cedar Point. We should really get this in order if anyone is interested in forming a group to go. It is in March? of 2000. Go to the Kalamazoo Linux Users Group (KLUG) web page klug.armintl.com and follow the links.

The NFS talk has been post-poned - darned drivers hitting bikers.

Note we should add to the membership form whether the applicant is a grad, ugrad, or alumnus...

Rodger Zaney is becoming increasingly valuable... smirk.

Interestign advice is exchanged.

6:15 Meetign Adjourned.