18 Nov 1999

Present: Ozz, Pacd, Olorun, Kamber, Rodger, Chris, Isaac, Jettero </p><p> Greetings and salutations. </p><p> Treasurers Report $128.55 CashBox </p><p> Membership $110 CD’s 6$ Course Packs $130 </p><p> Nike is still MIA. </p><p> GSAC Money </p><p> Target Project </p><p> Rotating Funding Basis - Every month they have meetings which result in people getting funding. </p><p> Could sell the WIDER Idea. </p><p> The Northern Ohio Users Group is hosting Linux Users Group Gathering at Cedar Point. We should really get this in order if anyone is interested in forming a group to go. It is in March? of 2000. Go to the Kalamazoo Linux Users Group (KLUG) web page klug.armintl.com and follow the links. </p><p> The NFS talk has been post-poned - darned drivers hitting bikers. </p><p> Note we should add to the membership form whether the applicant is a grad, ugrad, or alumnus… </p><p> Rodger Zaney is becoming increasingly valuable… smirk. </p><p> Interestign advice is exchanged. </p><p> 6:15 Meetign Adjourned. </p><p> </p><p> </p>