02 Dec 1999

Computer Club Meeting Minutes for 12/2/99 Last meeting of the year! </p><p> Members present: tmiley, pacd, phorceph, zaphod, jettero, magoo, camber, rattles, gebedo. </p><p> Guests: David DeShon, Amy DeShon from AI Cusp, Inc. </p><p> 1) AI Cusp has develop a tool for doing research over the internet. It allows the person to search for a term like “Democracy” which gives real quotes from famous people like Madison in Federalist Papers, including Bibliography. In addition, it gives context back to the citation, or a “so what” to learn what it means. What they want to do with CClub is offer us a way to fundraise. </p><p> AI Cusp is offering the chance to sell the software through our contacts. They offer copies to experiment with and for every copy we sell through contacts ($29.95), the Club gets $10. </p><p> Trenary was contacted and is involved. We will need some bureaucratic red tape cutting through student life office and UCC people so that it’s above board. AI Cusp is developing sales/marketing information that CClub will be able to use. </p><p> Students of social/poli sci would find best use of this program. Targeted to Win 95/NT only. Largely geared to human issues. Many references to classical literature and philosophies, conventional and modern sources. </p><p> The url for the web site is: http://www.aicusp.com. </p><p> Tim and Paul are going to check out the software. The guests agreed to return next year to demonstrate. The tentative date is 1/20/00. </p><p> 2) Movie night is shelved until next semester. </p><p> 3) Install fest next term on 1/27/00. We need a room to put it in. Need lots of outlets and a few tables. </p><p> 4) Whose key was lef here? Was it Nike’s key? Is she mad at us? Did she go in to the Witness Protection Program. Inquiring minds want to know. </p><p> 5) Treasurer report: $132.19. Do we have a Sam’s Club card? We desperately need goodies. The advisor says we MUST have crackers! </p><p> 6) The new VP of computer technology: we must meet and discuss the web issue. Wes and Ozz will work out a time after next Tuesday. </p><p> 7) Fri at 4 pm: Brian’s presentation. Brian will do CS 460 presentation. Show up and heckle him. Topic: Database stuff. </p><p> 8) WIDR will be off the air during the holiday break. Do we want to fill it with something? </p><p> 9) BSWare disks available. 6.1 version. We now have option to sell for $5. Motion passed. Disks now cost $5. </p><p> 10) ACM computer programming class. 3 credit hours. Taught by Kapenga. Need one more person. </p><p> 11) Adjourned at 6:56 PM. </p><p> </p>