14 Sep 2000

Start: 6:10pm </p><p> End: 7:03pm </p><p> Members Present: Rattles, Magoo, Pacd, Zaphod, Phorceph, Mike, Ed, Ashwa, Keith, Jeremy stopped by too </p><p>

  1. Office hours are being generated </p><p>
  2. Some guy wanted to put an ad on our webpage… maybe we’ll let him… bwah hah haa, not </p><p>
  3. Online forms appear to be going, with joining through PayPal enabled </p><p>
  4. Wes had a good idea for a T-shirt but forgot </p><p>
  5. Rodger said: “Gsac will now fund capital equipment, first Friday of October is when things will begin to happen. We’ll have to put some of our own money into it, but we’ll get some in return.” We should talk about our network upgrade, and how we’re benefitting campus in regards to this. </p><p>
  6. Do we still want to get our own domain? And how should we do it? </p><p>
  7. How did Wes set up that PHP page? We’d like to know, Wes would like to tell us, on October 12. </p><p>
  8. Western’s firewall appears to be blocking everything from the outside of campus. </p><p>
  9. Wes is going to buy network cards. About $12 each. </p><p>
  10. Linux Install Party – next week during the meeting (it is the meeting) </p><p> What we need/will get: <ul> <li>20 BSWare CDs from Bruce</li> <li>Monitors</li> <li>Extension chords</li> <li>Power strips</li> <li>Knowledgeable people</li> <li>Boot disks</li> <li>Eating stuff (cups, plates, etc.)</li> </ul> </p><p>
  11. Buy or make network cables and sell it to the students for cheaper than what the guys in the basement of the Bernhard Center sell it for. </p><p>
  12. Do we want to get a teletype printer? </p><p>
  13. There are some damn fine ladies around here </p><p>
  14. Treasurer’s Report: <ul> <li>795.95 in checking</li> <li>182.50 in cashbox</li> </ul> </p>