28 Sep 2000

Present: Zaphod, Camber, Pacd, Homer, Steve, Damon, Mike Minutes By: Zaphod

1. Sent to the end of the queue.

2. PHP Presentation By Pacd....October 12. PHP is a language which allows dynamic creation of web pages and database access.

3. A location for a web box has been secured at quantumcast.net. May ask for web assitance from the club.

4. GSAC Money........We need a quote for the machine we want and we we need to prepare a presentation. The presentation will be on Fri, Oct 6, 2000.

5. New Network Cards!!! We may finally be firewalled and at 100Mb! Ready to configure the new and improved (yet old) brain.

6. We have a :CUE:CAT scanner. Woohoo!!!

7. Treasurer's report: We have money.

8. Meeting Adjounrned. 6:40 pm