05 Oct 2000

Start Time: 6:12pm End Time: 6:57pm Members Present: Cheddar, Zaphod, Rattles, Pacd, mike, ZRodger, Camber, Homer

1. 3:00pm at the Birdcage, we will meet at 2:00pm in the office. The meeting is in regards to the GSAC funding request. Rodger has a document describing most of the funding request.

2. Computer Club field trip to the server room! Yay!!!

3. If we get funding, Yakko will go to QuantumCast.net to host our webpages.

4. We have a better network than the CS lab. We're 100Mb and they're only 10.

5. We can start putting the WIDR stream on a new computer: P75-100, 2GB hard drive, between 16 and 32MB RAM. This computer can go directly in WIDR's office and they can most definitely reimburse us the $50 it cost.

6. Phorce phed will stop by at around 8:30 tonight to show us some new stuff with our web page.

7. Getting the cluster started:

  • Book: Building Linux Clusters by O'Reilly
  • Maybe make it a giant RAID array as well?
  • We've got someone who has volunteered to install Linux on the clusters if we teach them about installing.

8. What books does the club need right now? Firewalling, and System Administration to start...

9. When the networking is complete and "fully" functional, we will get a diagram of our network.

10. October 12: PHP presentation! We think this will have a big turn out. 4202 Dunbar, next to the Club's Office. At 6:00pm.

11. Can we get funding to get Linus to present at Western?

12. Mike recommended an automated Wakeup system that students could pay for on a per-semester basis where they receive a wakeup call at times they specify.

13. Treasurer's Report:

  • 880.95 in checking
  • 331.70 petty cash