17 Nov 2000

Start: 6:07 pm


Members Present: Myke, Zaphod, Rattles, Pacd, Camber, ZRodger, Cheddar

1. Uber Yakko, the Official Name. Assigning parts to people:

  • Wes: Processor, Fan, Case
  • Mike: Memory (DDR Ram, PC2100 preferably), look for external SCSI CD-ROM or CDRW
  • Rodger: Hard drive, IBM SCSI Big
  • Erik: Sound Card (SB Live!), Video Card (Something good here too), 2 or 3 cheap CD-ROMs
  • CD Rewriter, Plextor 121032S, ~$200
  • Chad: Stuff (He mentioned keyboard...)

Email uberyakko@yakko.cs.wmich.edu for questions or whatever.

2. Student Web Pages

We might want to be present when Viji Nurali presents the proposal to WSA and possibly GSAC. This might be next week some time.

3. There will be no computer club meeting next Thursday due to Thanksgiving.

4. We need to vote before the semester is over as well.

5. The Official Western Michigan Thingy Doos. A money maker if we place all of the ETDs (Electronic Theses and Dissertations) onto a CD.

6. Treasurer's Report:

  • $117.50 Rolled coins
  • $220.91 Checks
  • $85.00 Cash
  • $423.41 Sub Grand Total
  • $655.95 in the bank

7. Erik's Movie Party

Erik has a new house. And a new DVD Player. This Saturday there will be a party to celebrate this. Members can come, it will take place in the evening this Saturday, November 18. Directions to Erik's house are at /tmp/erik_directions.txt