30 Nov 2000

Start: 6:27pm </p><p> End: 7:57pm </p><p> Members Present: Zaphod, Myke, Rattles, Audri, Camber, Cheddar, Thelen, Eclipse, Pacd, Clueless, Bob </p><p>

  1. We’re eating pizza at this meeting! Suhweet!! </p><p>
  2. Matt and Wes met with Bonnie about buying Uberyakko and we have forms no so people can buy stuff and they can be reimbursed. Or we can have Ozz or someone like Ozz buy all the stuff for us and we can get the entire computer in one big lump sum. Most likely this stuff won’t happen until January though. </p><p>
  3. Ed was too busy for a Treasurer’s Report, but we kind of have a lot of money. </p><p>
  4. Matt provided music at this meeting. </p><p>
  5. Elections, yes it’s that time! </p><p>
  • President: Chad
  • Vice President: Matt
  • Treasurer: Ed
  • Secretary: Erik
  • Publicity: Wes
  • Webmaster: Isaac
  • Sysadmin: Matt
  • Finance: Rodger
  • VP of Robot Heads: Wes

</p><p> The Tallies: </p><p> Pres: Chad - 6 Erik - 3 </p><p> VP: Matt - 10 Erik - 1 </p><p> Treas: Ed - 11 </p><p> Sec: Wes - 1 Erik - 9 Bob - 1 </p><p> Publicity: Wes - 11 Mike - 0 </p><p> Webmaster: Isaac - 11 </p><p> Sysadmin: Matt - 11 </p><p>

  1. We have a network diagram of the club now! With IPs! </p><p>
  2. Netscape is not on Yakko anymore because it appears to knock down networking occasionally. Mozilla does not want to install (it SEGS). </p><p>
  3. Marvin is the print server. It’s an inkjet and we have no policy on usage yet, but if you’re in the office, you can print if you need something printed. </p><p>
  4. We are considering doing backups using CD-RW media instead of tapes or anything. </p><p>
  5. The next official meeting will be the second week after school starts up again. </p><p>

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