15 Mar 2001

Start: 6:20 pm


Members Present: Pacd, Zaphod, Rattles, ZRodger, Izak, Cheddar, Vinhvu, NeoKnite, RSholes, Anne-Marie

1. We have candy and pop once again!!! Let's have everyone thank Rattles and Cheddar.

2. Rodger got the SCSI controller, we've ordered the hard drive as well. We are so close to getting everything together and we are so close to budget!

3. According to Western we aren't even an active student organization? What?

4. Hey if you're reading this, go ahead and do a search for "Computer Club of WMU" on www.Google.com and you will be surprised and amused at what pops up.

5. Club T-shirts anyone? All the officers are up for it.

6. Don't smite Anton Maiden!