05 Apr 2001

Start: 6:15pm </p><p> End: </p><p> Members Present: Pacd, Cheddar, Rattles, TMiley, Isaac, Zaphod, ZRodger, WIDR Rep and a WIDR tech person?, Vinhvu, Anne Marie, a possibly new member who stopped by earlier with Vinh </p><p>

  1. Viji will be supplying equipment for our WIDR stream! A representative of WIDR was present to inform us kind of hardware is needed to run the stream and the possibility of rebroadcasting in Richland. Another person from WIDR provided some technical details about how WIDR is set up as well. </p><p> Dave Zabel and Nick Stevenson (sirnicsalot@hotmail.com) were the WIDR reps who visited us this evening. </p><p>
  2. We also talked about how to stream sports broadcasts and how to get the signal from the stadium to the computer club office onto a computer and then out to the net. </p><p>
  3. Viji said she had some old Sun computers that the computer club could use. </p><p>
  4. Students can have their own webpages now too! Let’s have some fun! We will move our webpages back onto Yakko (Uberyakko). We can charge because we have the following over Western: server side, more storage space, and we care less about content (though we will still link to their usage policy). </p><p>
  5. We need a spool of network cable. Wes may be able to provide. </p><p>
  6. We will start working on our new webpage too. </p><p>
  7. What should we charge (to members) for popcorn now that we have it? $1 </p><p>
  8. Matt’s wife is building a loft in the computer club over the summer. Why? Because it’s there. </p><p>
  9. We’re getting a fish tank too. </p><p>
  10. Pizza’s here. Meeting’s adjourned! </p>