12 Apr 2001

Start: 6:35pm

End: 7:00pm

Members Present: NeoKnite, Pacdemon, Cheddar, Rattles, Bob, Anne Marie, ZRodger

1. Erik's going to keep trying to get Bionic Arm to whip up some CDs and maybe make a theme song for the computer club.

2. Vouchers are in for Uberyakko, people who pitched in should be getting payed soon.

3. Bob was talking about the Geek Group. How'd they get their own building? They like playing with Tesla coils. They get their money from having a legit business that makes big bucks. Wes was curious about how we could learn from them so that the computer club could eventually get a building of their own.

4. T-shirt idea: Getting DigiLink to partially sponsor the Computer Club so we can get our own T-shirts.

5. The Computer Club could get their own business cards from VistaPrint for free.