12 Jul 2001

Start: 7:35pm </p><p> End: </p><p> Members Present: Zaphod, ZRodger, Phorce Phed, Soloa, Pac Demon, Mr. Rattles Cheddar, Laurentieu, Ajax </p><p>

  1. Bronco Bash is coming. We’ve sent in our spot request (early, imagine that!). We’ll give away free CDs and happiness. A webcam we would be nice to set up at Bronco Bash. Bronco Bash is on the first day of class on Monday. </p><p>
  • Business cards, flyers, giant business cards, etc. would be cool. It must all have the "Fight Club"-like logo. The business cards will be like the flyers but not as extravagant... and smaller.
  • Deciding what we're going to smash: Computers, definitely the Mac. All of our junk. We have to be concerned about people's safety. We could get a pick-axe or a hammer... but Matt says something one-handed.
  • We need free stuff to give away and sell at Bronco Bash. We'll talk to Wes and see if the KLUG can't cook something up for us. OS CDs as well as software that can be installed on the operating systems!
  • We were going to have T-shirts as well. People at the table should be wearing the shirts, but we could also sell T-shirts. We need to look into places that can make these shirts for us at an affordable price.


  1. Student webpages. We want to do it. Just use the exact rules Western is proposing and have people sign it. We need to make sure we have a strong, serious, legit policy. </p><p>
  2. Matt will create an announce mailing list. People who join the cclub-gen list will automatically be placed on this and can be removed with a simple click of a hyperlink. We’ll even put every person in /etc/password on the announce list too. Generally no more than two messages a week and they will most likely occur just before our meetings. </p><p>
  3. Wes suggested making a presence by physically going into classrooms and telling students about the Computer Club. </p><p>
  4. We should have an officer’s tutorial meeting where Matt shows us how to do everything he does right now. </p><p>
  5. We could put flyers in RSO mailboxes to spread the word about mailing lists. </p><p>
  6. We should have more presentations: Basic Administration/Security, UNIX Tutorials, PERL, Make, LaTeX, What is …, etc. ( should occur very early in the semester). </p><p>
  7. John is going to be in charge of putting tutorials into HTML format. </p><p>
  8. All of the above will be used to make us indespensible to the CS Dept. Our ticket to not disappearing could be offering better services than the university itself offers. (Think WebCT) </p><p>
  9. We could also setup a news server (NNTP). Then we could offer newsgroup <=> mailing list interaction. We could also set up an NNTP server for Confer that would be University wide. We’d have to do this before VMS goes down (which means Confer would go down). </p><p>
  10. At some point we need to update our Constitution about how we currently operate and how we are going to be operating in the future. Many policies are in dire need of being updated. Voting policies and descriminating between the various types of members are important policies which need to be Amended. </p><p>
  11. Last Wednesday, officers spoke with the Webgeek at WIDR about getting a new server for the stream. They are waiting for pricing lists from us and they are going to post all of their emails about the WIDR stream on the web for Viji to see. </p><p>
  12. A lot of talk about getting speakers. </p><p>
  13. We will start meeting every two weeks until the fall semester begins. </p>