26 Jul 2001

Start Time: 8:00pm

End Time:

Members Present: Zaphod, Soloa, Ajax, Cheddar, Rattles, ZRodger

1. Status of new webpage design: Isaac was working on stuff but he's not here. He was working on the graphics and when that's done Wes will work on the PHP part.

2. We have a Usenet server that is supplementing our cclub-gen and cclub-announce mailing lists.

3. Bronco Bash is on Monday, August 27. Just so everyone knows.

4. Presentation Schedule:

  1. September 6, 7:00 Unix Introduction
  2. September 13, 7:00 Linux Install Party

5. Why is John living in the office, etc.? John says: "Why not?" He says we need bigger animal crackers.

6. WHO ARE YOU?!! Who is your daddy and what does he do?

7. Rodger is working on some fliers. People at Wes' party got a sneak peak last week. Isaac is working on business cards too.

8. T-shirts. Anne-marie needs to know shirt col, logo (and how many colors), and we need to make sure Western's logo appears correctly on the shirt. Everyone should recommend their T-shirt designs so we can get estimates and decide which design we'll go with. We only have a month to do this.

9. We're having another meeting next week.

10. $10 for the account and web page and an additional $10 for us to administer. Anyone (even non-university organizations) can be a part of this. Additional $10 for Mailing lists and usenet accounts. $5 more for each additional mailing list.

11. In the future we should consider getting some additional IDE hard drives for archiving all of the mailing lists, etc.

12. 8:50pm: Matt started holding the baby: "I don't want to be pooped on."

13. Apparently we have a machine for the WIDR stream but Wes isn't here to tell us about it.

14. Matt will create a new alias for getting information about our services: services@yakko.cs.wmich.edu

15. When we start thinking about the new Constitution we'll need to decide on new officer positions (such as for administrator of mailing lists)

16. Treasurer's Report: Check next week's Minutes when they arrive.