02 Aug 2001

Start Time: 7:18pm

End Time: 7:58pm

Members Present: Zaphod, Pacd, Rattles, Soloa, Camber, Cheddar

1. Holland Public Schools is disbanding a department and are auctioning off computer hardware that isn't much older than a year. We're looking for officers to go to the auction and try to get us good stuff.

2. Web site status. It looks pretty good but is still an ongoing process. If you want to add content or help out contact Wes (pacd@yakko.cs.wmich.edu).

3. If you have suggestions for the fliers, contact Rodger.

4. What's up with WIDR? Isaac put up some stats for them and Wes also contacted them. Apparently we have a Dell for us somewhere. We just have to toss Windows on it and we'll be set... right...

Wakko has been up for 25 whole days!!!

5. Anyone want to learn Python to change mailman so that it will send a link to go to to get your password instead of having it mail you your password in plain text once every month? Wes said he'll take a look. Erik (me) is thinking of looking at it too.

6. T-shirt pricing: If we want more than twelve we can go to Spirit Shop for $8.50 per T-shirt. T-Shirt Printing Inc. can get them for ~$11.50 for a couple of dozen. Ten days after the art is approved for delivery so we need to act before next Thursday.

7. John suggested we get another DNS entry pointed at Yakko. How about it? Every let us know what you think (officers@yakko.cs.wmich.edu).

8. Battle of the T-shirts. There are two basic designs for the T-shirt and we took a secret vote and decided the winning logo: Isaac's logo!

9. We have a UPS for Yakko now!