15 Aug 2001

Start: 7:53pm </p><p> End: </p><p> Members Present: Zaphod, Cheddar, ZRodger, Pacd, Rattles, Soloa </p><p>

  1. We have a computer donated to us for the WIDR stream! 1.2GHz of goodness. Lots of other good stuff in it too. </p><p>
  2. For Bronco Bash we need: </p><p>
  • Long extension cord
  • Long network cable
  • Computer to hook up outside
  • Something to smash
  • Something to smash with (and goggles)
  • Membership forms
  • T-Shirts


  1. Treasurer’s Report </p><p> Since the last report we have deposited $126.50 into the CU checking and have reimbursed Wes $85.00 for RAM for the SPARC, and paid half of the cost of the logo tee shirts. The current CU account balance is $278.97. </p><p> We have deposited $25.00 into our campus account, and that account has been charged $18.98 for June telecom. The account balance, with July and August telecom charges still pending, is $51.55. </p><p> Cash on hand as of 4 PM Tues. is $10.00 in the change box and $30.80 in the cash box. </p><p> We owe $127.20 to The Spirit Shoppe, due on Thurs., 8/23/01, when we can pick up the tee shirts. </p><p> Our available funds are: $151.77 in CU checking $30.80 in cash box $182.57 total </p><p>
  2. </p>