13 Sep 2001

Start: 6:35pm

End: 7:06pm

Members Present: Rattles, Zaphod, ZRodger, Phorceph, soloa, others

1. Webpage still needs a couple of touch-ups but other than that it looks pretty good.

2. The donated WIDR machine is ready to be configured. Wes just needs to pick it up and bring it in...

3. People to administer mailing list. Anne Marie volunteered for the job.

4. We need to go out and get snacks and pop. Erik must come along because he has the Sams Club card.

5. Treasurer's Report: Anne Marie says we have money.

6. We should start taking nominations for officer positions:

President: Matt
Vice President: Mike, James Clark
Treasurer: Anne Marie
Secretary: Erik
Finance: Rodger
Publicity: John Eckhardt
Webmaster: Isaac, Wes
System Administrator: Matt, Chad x 2
Mailing List Administrator: Anne Marie
Vice President of Robot Heads (Project Administrator): Wes

7. It's official, we're ordering pizza

8. Rodger got the RSO fliers ready to go. He gets a free T-shirt for his good deeds.

9. At the GSAC meeting Rodger suggested giving departments via GSAC mailing lists. Move to give GSAC $5 lists was passed.

10. Meeting adjourned.