29 Nov 2001

Start Time: 6:15pm

End Time: 6:50pm

Members Present: Zaphod, Pacd, Rattles, Ajax, Myke, Phorce Phed, Soloa, Jake, Others

1. Computer Club Christmas Party, who's gonna be around to have it? Where's it gonna be? Meet in the club office, Saturday the 8th at 4:00pm. Matt'll send out and announcement.

2. Mailing lists for next semester: asking for people to renew. Also be on the lookout for potential lists. Rodger was talking about putting up some flyers to advertise as well.

3. The AlgoStore project. The database has been created but has no tables. We need to set that up. We also need to see who else wants to be involved.

4. Next semester we also need to remember to reserve a room for KLUG.

5. Eric Raymond: we want him but he's very expensive so we should try to get funding by February to get him in.

6. Wes is starting a business called West Michigan Computing Services and will donate money to the club if all goes well. Best of luck Wes!

7. Treasurer's Report: We have $945.29 in our account! Holy cow! That's because we haven't restocked our snack shelves...