17 Jan 2002

Start: 6:14pm

End: 6:37pm

Members Present: Lots: zaphod, rattles, soloa, zrodger, rustinpeace, tmiley, many more whose names I forget. Hastur

1. We still don't know about Eric Raymond's presentation availability... but we do know he will be able to get a wireless microphone and one or two rooms to hold up to 200-250 people for free for him.

2. John can teach you have to get kicked out of IRC channels if you ask him.

3. John can also teach you how to customize tcsh too, custom prompts, scripts, etc. As a matter of fact he'll be giving a presentation on it this semester after Erik's autoconf/automake presentation.

4. We still have our T-shirts too, if you want one come get one. Only $12

5. Matt!! Stop making stuff up!!!

6. Treasurer's Report:

$505 in savings $540 in checking $75 out of the cash box is going to our account to pay our bills

7. Linux Install Party:

If you want linux installed, sign up using the form on our homepage.

8. Chad arrived! More hugs! Lots of Debian/Hurd/NetBSD love going around.