07 Feb 2002

Present: zaphod, pacd, soloa, jester, haster, cheddar, kalus, tmiley, moxjake, scanli, rattles, phorceph

1. Cookies: eat some.

2. zaphod bought new mice because he owed the club money.

3. ESR: ignoring us.

4. Linus is using Bitkeeper for patch management.

5. Possible presentation topic: setting up PPPoe on linux.

6. Special thanks to those who bought the food! Yay.

7. Chicago trips. Shall we do it again?

8. Treasurer's report:

had $1000
$425 on food
$25 deposit
$600 left

9. Geekboy's tyranny... isaac will fix.

10. matt's bitter against Qwest this week.