14 Feb 2002

Minutes for February 14, 2002 </p><p> Happy Valentine’s Day </p><p> Members Present: soloa, moxjake, zaphod, zrodger, serenity, jester, cymbre, jwatson (here, but then left), thornblood (becoming a member) </p><p> 1: Pen stabbing…Is it ethical? </p><p> 2: ESR, Since Wes isn’t here, we don’t have anything to say. </p><p> 3: Cmdr Taco…he proposed to Kathleen on /. She said yes, there are like 1500 comments as of now. Damn, could she possibly have said no?? Should he come instead of ESR? </p><p> Or how about EFF? We could get one of those guys to come over. </p><p> 4: ALGO store project…Since Ashish isn’t here, we can’t do much about it. </p><p> 5: Treasurer’s Report: We got about $1500 in our GLOW account. We got our money from GSAC, yea!! We still aren’t getting phone statements, although AMY, the phone lady, insists that they are sending them. $605 in savings, $324 in checking…We still have lots of food, so we’re in good shape. </p><p> 6: Darren is now lord of the food. Matt said so. No, wait, he’s going tyo be Lord of the Dance instead, because Serenity said so. </p><p> 7: Eric isn’t here, so we have no report on the Chicago trip. </p><p> 8: Matt and Serenity’s baby hates me… I feel bad. </p><p> -moxjake</p><p> 9: Any comments? zrodger is the backup announcer, since zaphod forgets occasionally. We need an apache book. We are having some issues with the web server. We also need, Make, Programming Perl, C/C++ Oreilly Books. Doesn’t everybody love O’Reilley books? We also need a kernel book. I just spelled that two different ways, which is correct? I think we need a Windows machine. Zaphod blew me off. Ah well. </p><p> 10: Soloa will be bringing pricing for storage drawers at the next meeting. </p><p> </p><p> </p>