20 Jan 2005

Computer Club Minutes for 01/20/2005
Members present: Ed, Tim, Joe, Eric, Chris, Joe W, Adam<p>

1) The new yakko server
The server is serving. Joe commends us for a fantastic job. We migrated in 3 days and we’re back to 90%. We still need to fix mail. It was working, but now it’s stopped. We can send mail and transmit/receive within the Univ.
Joe suggests that we have POed the OIT department and must talk to them.<p>

Joe will talk to OIT tomorrow, if it is not found to be a configuration problem.

Thanks to Tim, Chris, Joe, Isaac, Matt and Chad for their help with the changeover.<p>

2) Microwave
Some suggested throwing it away, but others want to put things in it that should not be put into a microwave and fire it up to see what happens.<p>

3) Presentations
Ideas are a basic unix presentation, Mono, Beagle, Linux maintenance. Eric will do the Linux Maintenance with Package Manager presentation next week.<p>

Various ideas for more presentations are discussed. Joe offered to do a presentation on Mono. Penguicon was discussed. Joe agreed to create a flyer tomorrow.<p>

ASP.NET was also a suggested presentation.<p>

4) New firewall
Brain is dying slowly. We need to get that poor thing upgraded. We have a box that we can use.<p>

5) New machine
We could use the old one as a backup yakko or offload the mail and web services onto it.<p>

6) Treasurer’s report
Ed was scolded for not going to the bank. Ed says we have $1300 in the bank and $300 to go to deposit. We still need to pay off our telephone bill from when we had a telephone.<p>

Tim and Chris suggested that we get a VOIP phone. Joe agrees. <p>

7) WIDR was discussed
The WIDR changeover went very well, thanks to Isaac.<p>

8) Adjourned at 6:58 PM. Off to the Roadhouse…<p>