27 Jan 2005

Computer Club Meeting for 1/27/05
Members present: Tim, Isaac, Bob, Milo, Ed, Joe W. and Eric<P>

1) Mail
Problem occurred between OIT, CS and Yakko. Ed fixed. Mail from CS is working now as well. Sendmail was doing strange things. Mail was going in and coming out, but we don’t know where it was going.<p>

Mail loops are not good! Hal now knows how to deliver mail to yakko.<p>

2) Webpages
Apparently, SSL is working, but there is more to do with the SSL aliases which were not ported from the old yakko. Ed is trying to organize it all.<p>

3) Wakko
Wakko is still working. We’re amazed by it’s uptime. The stream was broken for a short time, but it’s ok now.<p>

4) Shelving
Tim’s father came and made suggestions for the office. His suggestions emphasized L brackets, shelves, 2X4s and other scary construction-like terminology. Mr. Miley thinks that it would cost about $100.<p>

Are we doing it this weekend? Who’s going to be there? Tim, Chris, Isaac, Joe and Tim’s father (maybe).

5) Lan party
New members were filled in on our lan party. We have whatistheplan.com reserved. So we’re going to have a REAL website this time. We should devote next week’s meeting to PLAN planning. Possible sponsorship was discussed. Joe W. might know someone who might be a sponsor. What role the sponsor would take was discussed.<p>

It would be worthwhile to have some sponsor, even if only to offer their presence.<p>

Isaac and Joe W. discussed the operation of the Marmalade Dog LAN that they had at Marmalade Dog 5. Last LAN party at Parkview saw some power problems, probably associated with our food vending operations.<p>

Melissa and Eric will need help with food vending due to prior commitments.<p>

6) PHP

Joe suggests that we advertise that we have PHP4, since WMU doesn’t offer that service on their web server.<p>

7) Joe W. wants to start a publication for gamers

Joe says that his company is interested in starting this publication and was asking if anyone had interest in writing articles for such a publication.<p>

8) System backups

We will need to back up yakko at some time in the future. Joe indicated that we would have to take yakko down. Tim asks if the problem with yakko hanging on shutdown was resolved. Joe said no. <p>

9) Do we need install parties?

General agreement is that install parties are unnecessary thanks to the SCST over at Parkview.<p>

10) Adjourned at 7:00 PM.