03 Feb 2005

Computer Club meeting minutes for 2/3/05
Members present: Eric, Tim, Joe, Chris, Joe W., Adam, Matthew<p>

1) Gratitude to Tim, Tim’s dad, Isaac, Chris and Joe for the work in the office.
The office now has shelf space and it looks really nice. Some books, sadly, were thrown out. So we do know how to sacrifice. Several ‘70’s area theses hit the trash.<p>

2) The LAN party rooms are officially reserved.
We need ports for the room for VLANing on the day. We will also need the ports for the spillover space. We will need to have Computer Club staff in the spillover room if we need it.<p>

In addition to the three rooms with the breakaway walls, we will have the overflow room now. A question was asked about using a computer for announcements. The subject was debated. Having an Xbox area in the overflow room was also discussed.<p>

Joe, Tim and Bryan will have designs for the flyers and Bryan will work on the web site, WHATISTHEPLAN.COM.<p>

Joe will spam all of the people who came to the last LAN party. Matthew will post on psychorage about it.<p>

Joe will also advertise it on the BroncoWeb.<p>

3) Joe is going to get the key to the display case.
We want to put up a display about our presentations.<p>

4) Chris brought up a topic touched on last week about a general chat session

Meetings have become club-business oriented affair. Advertising was discussed. Tim asked how we advertise. Joe responds that we put up flyers about our presentations. Various recruitment ideas were discussed. A vote was taken for something, but the secretary has no idea what was voted on. We’re going to have a geek social next week.<p>

5) Adjourned at 6:45 PM.