24 Feb 2005

Computer Club meeting minutes for 2005/02/24
Members present: Joe G., Joe W., Ed, Matt R., Isaac, Nik, Tim, Adam, Chris, Eric, Miles<p>

1) Firewall report
It has a prompt, so it’s good. We need a 16 bit networking card. We can continue to look for PCI cards or put in a different machine. Nik offers a Celeron 300. Tim suggests we check Marvin for a 16 bit NIC. <p>

2) Flyer for lan party
It was denied. It did not say that it was sponsored by the Computer Club. Oops. We had a whole bunch of flyers last time. Joe G. asks for other designs. Please remember to include date, price, organization, location.<p>

3) Key to the display case
Joe would like to put something into the case, but we need something to put in the flyer. We need to have have our presentations scheduled.<p>

Chris offered to present on security on the web. It’s to be a two part presentation. <p>

Tim will present on workplace privacy with ssh and squid. <p>

Adam and Joe W. are also going to do a presentation.<p>

The schedule was discussed among the members on which should be presented first. March 10th will be the Basic TCP/IP networking by Joe Wall. March 17th will be Advance Networking Linux/Windows Integration by Adam. March 24th will be Protecting your Privacy on the internet by Tim. March 31th will be a presentation called Cracking the Web (part 1) by Chris. April 7th will be Cracking the Web (part 2) by Chris.<p>

4) Begin work session on display case<p>

5) Adjourned unofficially at 7:30<p>