24 Mar 2005

Computer Club Meeting Minutes for 3/24/2005
Members present: Tim, Joe, Craig, Joe W., Adam, Miles, Matt R., Eric, Nik, Brian<p>

We need to be there friday to take inventory and test all ports for function. Who is going to be there? Joe, Brian and Eric are committed. It’s at 7:00 PM.<p>

We will arrive at 8:00 AM. Problem: We still haven’t confirmed with Jim Cotton. If that VLAN script doesn’t run, we will have MAJOR issues. Joe will continue trying to contact him.<p>

We need the key from John Kapenga. Joe will try to get it tomorrow.<p>

On the topic of prizes: no one contacted us regarding sponsorship. Matt R. reports that Digilink will be there with some stuff to set up a table.<p>

Prizes: $50-1st place, $25-2nd place, $10-3rd place, $25-door prize<p>

Most other LANs cost more because they have to pay for the room and they have to bring their own network stuff. Who has a car and time to get the przes? We will need $75 for Bawls, according to Brian. Eric fetches the cash box.<p>

We need coolers. Matt R. offers his cooler for pop. Eric offers to get the Best Buy prizes, but Joe W. agrees to do it, since he lives close to Best Buy.<p>

Brian has begun configuring the servers. Brian suggests that we set the servers up in the room on friday, rather than wait until saturday.<p>

Disbursements: Eric $50 for food, Craig $75 for Bawls, Joe W. $110 for prizes.<p>

2) Presentation next week
Chris will give a presentation on Cracking the Web.<p>

3) Adjourned at 6:42 PM.