19 May 2005

Computer Club Meeting Minutes for 2005/05/19
Members present: Tim, Joe W, Eric, Melissa, Chris<p>

We need to be posted on psychorage. We need to post on yakko. We need to do a second run of fliers with date and location. Planning seems to be going well. We are going to do setup on Friday. Matt won’t be coming, but will let us have the DHCP/firewall. We need to go into the other room to get the info to VLAN that room. Setup and testing will take place on friday night.<p>

Saturday morning we start food setup. We’ll bring pop and other stuff on Friday. We need more Bawls. We need extra coolers.

Eric predicts that things should go smoothly. Hopefully, the two-day thing will work out. We need to develop guidelines for what games will be played. We don’t want excess structure. Security should be OK for overnight stays, since we should have sufficient security with the building doors and the room doors being locked. We need to bring long and heavy-duty extension cords.<p>

Melissa discussed some ideas for new food, including specialty coffees. Joe expressed reservations about the idea. We need volunteers for the food stand. We need at least three people so that we can schedule breaks. We will have bagels and donuts in the morning.<p>

2) HAM radio class

Tim reports that a room needs to be reserved for the six days. The days are June 28th, July 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th and August 2nd.<p>

Eric knows of which room we should ask for, but we don’t know the number of the room. Brian can probably take care of the room reservation. Once that is set, we will make the fliers for PLAN A and the HAM radio class.<p>

We will need to build a HAM registration page. The ARRL discount is 25% for

  1. The regular cost is $20. Amazon has many used books. Tim asked for permission to purchase from the ARRL web site. Eric believes we will be able to sell all 12.<p>

3) Webmaster

The webmaster (Joe W.) just got root access today. The web page is really out of date.<p>

4) Adjourned at 7:45 PM.