26 May 2005

Computer Club Meeting Minutes for 2005/05/26
6 members present: Eric, Chris, Miles, Melissa, Brian, Joe W.

Start time: 7:05

1) Plan A:
Brian has mentioned we have received sponsorship for Plan A
Sponsors are:
-Alien Ware
-Case Ace
-Gamerz Stuff
Case Ace and Gamerz will give products away. Alien ware may give away gift certificates. Plan A will have an X-box room.
Plan A fliars are posted however do not explain enough details. The next fliar needs to be more informative. We are currently posted on Bawls, Physcorage, and Lanparty.com. We may be posted for broncoweb. We need to mention that we are a fund raiser for the computer club for bronco web.
Hours for plan have been decided:
Sat. 25th 9am - 12am, Sun. 26th 9am - 8pm
the rate will be $10 per day, we have decided that no computers=no fee.
we plan to have 3 people on all the time at concession.

Brian mentioned X-box Halo tournament mayhave free dinner for prize. Melissa agreed. Brian mentioned after the our first bawls sponered LAN, bawls will supply 1 free case for each additional LAN that bawls sponsors. Eric gave an assignment for brian, Brian must make a couple of fliars and get them approved, and a fliar run will be done next week.

2) Ham Radio class:
Need fliars (brian). books have been decided to be $15 and keep extras as stock for next time. Testing still hasn’t been setup, but it is assumed the testing will be done during the final class. Joe mentioned office hours for advertisement purposes. Eric got word from Ed, yakko went out because of a breaker switch that went off and restarted yakko. Eric asked Ed if he’d be able to make thu. meetings, and Ed responded to not be able to attend.

meeting ajourned: 7:50pm