02 Jun 2005

Computer Club Meeting Minutes for 2005/06/02
9 members present: Eric, Matt R., Melissa, Velex, Brian, Miles, Tim, Joe W., Chris

Start time: 7:14PM

1) PLAN A:
Brian is having issues with Bawls as a sponsorship, Brian is currently awaiting an email to explain the situation. Brian tried for sponsorship and they accepted, however had the incorrect date. He asked for this to be corrected and the sponsorship was removed. He went to reapply and was declined.
The other sponsors have not returned our call. Our next order of business is advertising. We still need to get the port numbers for the other room. Should we reserve the room to check all of the ports and make sure that the ports are in the script. However gamerz stuff is sending a mouse pad.
Brian needs to receive the new port numbers from Jim Cotton. Brian wishes to go out a night early to check the ports. If this happens they will need to have Jim Cotton run the port scripts before the night they check them.
There is still no word on making the boxheads site viewable by WMU students on Campus.
The will need to pick up a machine that is already configured for DHCP and firewalling from Matt if he doesn’t show up before the LAN and if they cannot Brian has suggested they could use a machine in the LABs that are used for the networking classes.
Other options are Nick could come down with his machine.
Matt called Eric during the meeting and proclaimed he will be able to come down and bring the server.
Eric Proclaims the LAN party planning is going smoothly, Jim Cottons phone number has been added to Geekboys database by Tim.
The computer club will be purchasing a chest freezer for the LAN and for other events. cost: $140 it was voted by all if favor to do so.
The chest freezer will be left in the computer club and may contain Ice cream for purchase during the year.
7:34PM - Chris arrives

2) HAM radio class:
Status of the rooms is still uncertain.
Tim stated he’ll check on the rooms.
Eric Drew a map to show Tim where the room he needs to go is.
We need to fax a purchasing order to Amazon for the books. it needs to include the promise that we were offered a discount for the books. Tim questioned where to have the books sent. Tim suggested the CS office.
committed: Eric, Tim, Brian, Joe W., Chris, Matt L., and an annonymous individual who e-mailed Tim.
Miles would if someone purchases the book for him.
No knowledge on the test yet.
Preparations for the Class seem to be going well.

There is no gaurentee we will be able to sell books to everyone.

3) Web site
Tim updated the site with new info. Joe reported that he is working on a non-Fight-Club oriented look.
Joe W. has not been able to update the website as much, but wishes to have it updated with a new style and theme before the school year.

There was discussion of adding photos to the whatistheplan website from previous PLANs. Eric promised to send Brian photos. Chris asked about pre-register for the LAN party on the whatistheplan website. Eric asked how we are doing the multiple-day thing. We will probably use nametags and ask the PLAN participants to bring them.

4) Total divergence
Tim and Joe asked how to say “I surrender” in french.

5) PLAN A Cost
No price has been declared for at door payment for PLAN A
The multiday will be handle by name tags to keep track who or who did not pay for the first day.

meeting ajourned 7:55PM