09 Jun 2005

Computer Club meeting minutes for 6/9/05 8 attended: Eric, Brian, Matt, Melissa, Chris, Joe W., Miles, Tim

meeting started 7:22PM
waiting for Ed to supply for the microfreezer. Ed has stated he will show up to the road house tonight
Chris suggested to get a large enough freezer to use as a kegerator.
Eric said it would be a bad idea since we’d need a micro-fridge.
Brian has created a couple of fliars, Though he’s been too busy to do much of anything else.
Plan 3 pictures are ready to be posted on Plan’s website.
registration is going well.
(sponsorship information that cannot be published)
Joe W. will be bringing Rhythm game materials for DDR, Keyboard mania, and Drummania.
Matt has a server that he may bring for the LAN that is fully equiped with server software.
Brian is planning to do a Source Tournament.
Battle Field 2 is expected to be a mass tournament as well.
There may be a Quake III tournament.
This time hopefully Multiple games will be running instead of just Unreal Tourn.
Melissa brought cute stuff for LAN? nametag material for LAN entrance. Card stalk, plastic covers, and necklaces for the name tags.
Plan 4 will be PL4N, and Brian will be working on a logo for Plan A.
Tim needs to find what doors and what times they will be locked.
We need to have the schedules changed for when the doors are unlocked, so we don’t lock people are out of the building.
Chris has mentioned to hang signs, so people don’t have to go through all the trouble of trying different doors, and the front door needs to be extended. We may also need to have a designated parking lot.
Brian has not heard back from Jim. tacos. He has sent him a list of port numbers that need to be open.
Brian is wondering if anyone is up for posting fliars tomorrow, Tim said he’d help.
The fliar posting will happen if the individual is there to approve the fliar when Brian arrives.

Tim has ordered the books for delivery on his credit card.
The room is reserved and the instructor has been advised.
Brian has 2 more definites for the HAM class. Tim ordered 12.
There are 10 definite purchase, and 2 more are available.
We will need a computer and projector for the class.
books will be sold at $15 a peice as discussed in the past.
Ham radio class planning is going well.

A Glenn oaks professor is willing to teach a fall class for HAM and will be a drive for our club in the future to advertise during Bronco bash and other events.
Eric showed some concern for the ratio for our student to non student ratio in the organization.
We need to begin planning for Bronco Bash.
Tim stated that we need to begin the paper work. It may be availble at the birdcage(Faunce).
Brian will check out the informatin tomorrow, while getting the fliars approved.
meeting temporarily ajourned: 8:10PM

meeting resumed: 8:39PM(Road House)
4) meeting with ED
Ed has been very busy with work and Masters projects.
There is $1400 in the bank, plus materials in the cashbox.
Eric stated we need to withdrawel the cash for the chessbox frezzer.
Joe W. needs to turn in the signiture card and update the account allowing officers to write checks.
The cash box has near the high hundreds for materials, however will be needed to make change for the LAN.
(taking time out to order)
Ed has declared that he will be attending the HAM radio class.
that makes a total 9 definites for the class with 11 prospective.
we may need to move Yakko, or have a VPN, however the VPN could cause more problems than if just yakko went down.
all CS students supposedly have after hours Building access, Brian needs to talk to Barb to gain access.
if we move Yakko, we need to e-mail Jim Cotton to receive a dynamic IP for Yakko in Kohrman.
meeting officially ajourned: 9:03PM