16 Jun 2005

Computer Club meeting minutes for 6/16/05 8 attended: Eric, Brian, Matt R., Melissa, Matt S., Chris, Joe W., Miles, Tim

meeting started 7:05PM
1) General
Getting account for the cooler. Need account Transfered over. Ed. also needs to be on the account. Joe W. needs to fill out the account card.
Chris brough an extension cord for Melissa for LAN preperations.
We have decided to alter the old Account card and have it prepared for Joe W. to turn it in for updating the account.
We have realized the Constitution is very loosely followed and needs to be held to it’s state, or to be updated.
(Geekboy may be the VP of IRC.)
Joe Demonstrated CCoWMU prospective new site for Yakko.

No word on ports and doors.
Bawls sponsorship may or maynot happen at this point, they are being very hesistant.
Brian needs to speek to Capenga about the doors for the LAN party.
Trinary may be an alternative to speak to about the doors for the LAN.
Trinary was the originally leazon for the CC, however we had to switch, due to Trinaries poor relationship with the Dean.
Ed will try to contact Jim Cotton for the LAN.
Melissa wishes to be VP of Culinary.
Best buy may set something up for us.
Brian wishes to have multiple tournaments.
Brian has a schedule for the tournament.
One of which is a battle for dinner.
There will be a Halo tournament, Quake III and others.
Eric exclaimed that there should be PLAN A details for the LAN on the website.
Miles, Ed, Brian, Eric, and Melissa will be setting up FRI before the LAN.
The Freezer will be left in C208 on THU. to have time to cool down.
Map making contest for Perion? for the X-box.
The coolest map will be available for the tournament.

3) Ham Radio
Books have just rescently come in.
Tim will pick up the books tomorrow, and bring them to the office.
They will be brought in for next week for purchase.
Chris types randomly at a vacant keyboard, annoying everyone in the room.